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Spring rolls are healthier than donuts. Why? Because I said so.

Spring rolls are healthier than donuts. Why? Because I said so.

Above picture: Spring rolls 2 ways, baked and fried. See how pretty???

Do I have to explain how good these are? I don’t think I do. But I will anyway. Everyone likes spring rolls, whether they’ve tried them or not. I’ve met so many finicky eaters in my life, who say they don’t like chinese food, pork, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, fried foods, water, or eating in general, who smell these and just have to try them, and forget everything that they’ve said they ever disliked.  They are that good.

And for all the people who say deep fried spring rolls are sooo unhealthy, well that’s probably true.  BUT, understand this.  If you are flash-frying, you are frying the outer shell, which is very thin, and that is the only part soaking up the oil. The contents inside contain lots of vegetables, that are instantly steamed from the heat, along with a small amount of pork. The oil does NOT absorb into the filling.  Does that sound healthier now? And in my opinion, something like a donut, when deep fried, soaks up wayyyy more oil because of how heavy it is after frying. Plus, donuts just contain bleached flour and refined sugar, and no veggies.  I mean, you can even say a spring roll is like a salad with a crispy shell!  Going too far? I probably am.  I just want you to try these. 99.99% of people loved them and begged for more.

For all of you still uneasy about deep frying, I also have directions on baking them. They still get crispy, and the filling tastes the exact same.

This post is divided into 3 parts for 2 reasons: 1 – for organizational purposes, and 2 – to make me look like a prolific writer.

But really, the first part is directions on how to make the filling.  The second part is directions on rolling, baking and frying. And the third part is freezing and storage.

Ingredients For Spring Roll Filling (makes 25. Double the ingredients for 50):

printable recipe

  • 1 package spring roll wrappers (25 sheets)
  • 1/2 head of cabbage, shredded
  • 2 carrots, shredded
  • 3-4 shiitake mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • 1/2 lb. Char Siu pork, shredded
  • 2 Tbsp. corn oil
  • 2 tsp. salt
  • 1 Tbsp. sesame oil
  • 2 Tbsp. oyster sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. Char Siu bbq sauce

*My images display enough ingredients for 50 spring rolls. So just imagine half of each picture.

**If you don’t have any Char Siu (bbq pork), just thinly slice 1/2 lb. pork shoulder, marinate in soy sauce and garlic, and cook in the wok right before you cook the cabbage.

Making the filling:

If you are reconstituting mushrooms, soak them in a bowl of hot water for an hour, turning once.


And they plump up.


Next, shredding cabbage and carrots.


I’m displaying 4 carrots here, sorry. But imagine 2 carrots. Using a peeler, take off the outer skin of the carrots. Then use the peeler to ‘shred’ the remaining carrot.


Hey, it’s easier than cutting them. And faster.



Using a chopping knife, slice the cabbage in half.


Shred 1/2 the cabbage as seen below.


Discard the thicker sections.



Using a knife, remove the stems of the mushrooms. Thinly slice the mushrooms.



This is the Char Siu that I made the previous night.


Slice ‘matchstick’ slices.  That means cut them as thin as matchsticks, as seen below.



Have your oyster sauce, char siu sauce and sesame oil ready for seasoning the filling.


Pour corn oil in a wok heated to medium high.  Add cabbage, carrots, sesame oil and 2 tsp. salt, stir-frying consistently until cabbage begins to wilt (4-6 minutes).


Add pork, oyster sauce, char siu sauce. Stir fry for another 4-6 minutes.


Set aside to cool, and refrigerate for at least an hour, or overnight.


Next – directions on assembling, baking or frying.

17 thoughts on “Spring rolls are healthier than donuts. Why? Because I said so.”

  • candy thanx for the spring roll tips.. excellent writing.. m sure gonna prepare this.. yummm!! cant waitt.. m also a fan of spring roll and beg for more :)hehe.. i just love the unique way of you presenting those amazing recipes with excellent photography 🙂 keep it up!!

  • Re your comment: “This is the Char Siu that I made the previous night.”

    What is Char Siu outside of the jar saying the sauce name? How would I make it?

    This sounds devine! Please let me know how to make the Char Siu…I’m already hungry and I’ve finished a very filling dinner tonight.


  • Hi Zensporty! The word ‘Char Siu’ means ‘Fork Roasted’ Pork, in other terms, pork roasting on a spit. As the pork slowly roasts under high heat, it is glazed with a sweet bbq sauce, or ‘Char Siu sauce’. You can make your own BBQ pork with homemade sauce with this recipe post: http://chezannies.blogspot.com/2008/11/braised-char-siew-or-non-bake-char-siew.html
    If you want a shortcut, just marinate cut up strips of pork with the jar of Char Siu sauce shown in my picture, then stir fry. That would be quicker if you’re really hungry 🙂

  • Steph – I made these last weekend for a party, both baked and fried versions. Surprisingly, the baked ones were more popular!

  • I wanted to make these for a picnic, would it be a problem if i baked them off and ate them 3-4 hours later? Would they get stiff and dry?

  • Sharmin – They tend to get dry after a few hours. I would try to bake them right before a picnic, spring rolls are fussy like that 🙂

  • I know this is an old post but i was excited to see a GOOd spring roll post. I have been struggling with getting it just right so here is hoping this does it for us. Since my 3 year old is gluten free, we had to move away from egg roll wrappers to rice paper wrappers so she can still ejoy the food she LOVES!!

  • when do we put the mushrooms? your idiotic page doesnt’t give a damn clue! fry cabbage and carrots, add pork! set to cool! where are the freaking shiitaki?! idiotic recipe-writer! your true mission is to be writing on the public bathroom walls, not recipes!

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