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Know your rights as a photographer.

Know your rights as a photographer.

Let me tell you an extremely short story about how I learned my rights as a photographer.

– Begin short story –

Scene: Me, standing on the side of the road, clicking away. Woman runs out of her house screaming.


Me: ……


Me: ……

– End short story –

Wasn’t that a lovely story? I enjoyed it.

I think she screamed at me for minutes, but I couldn’t hear her very well.

So, what exactly are your rights as a photographer? You’ll be surprised to know, that in the US, you can literally take pictures anywhere. And if people tell you otherwise, chances are, they’re WRONG.

Due to the woman’s anger, and fear of getting shot on a public street, I got back into my car and told my hubby to speed off. I have a fear of cows now. And farmers.

Below is a great article from a few years ago. Read it over if you are wary of clicking away in public places, and get undeserved dirty looks from strangers.


The only two things you aren’t allowed to take pictures of in the US are military bases, and shooting a telephoto lens into someone’s house. That’s basically it. And I usually make sure to stay away from peoples’ homes, and if I do get a photo of a house, the street name/house number have to be removed for privacy.

And of course, I respect the rights of cows to refuse being photographed.

5 thoughts on “Know your rights as a photographer.”

  • I get annoyed when waiters ask me to not photograph the food I ordered. I figure… hey I paid for it, it’s mine now. Plus, I usually post them on Yelp to help promote their restaurant if the dish was yummy. Wonder if it’s copyright laws for food property? Still that’s like saying I bought an artist’s work which I now own at home and I’m not allowed to take a picture of my own purchase. *sigh*

  • Jen – I STILL worry about taking photos in public places. It’s always tough when someone tells you what you’re doing is wrong, even when it isn’t.

    Mimmie – The only tip I can give for shooting in a restaurant is to turn the flash off, be discreet, click a few shots quickly then put the camera away. Especially in a fancy place. As for copyright laws, I honestly don’t know if they have a right to tell you not to photograph food in their restaurant. I’m guessing they just don’t want other diners to get distracted or something.
    Here’s a good article to read:

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