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Theft under the illusion of generosity.


I woke up in my apartment on Monday morning, realizing I had just robbed someone.

No. Really.


Strewn across the kitchen floor were boxes of bakeware, cookware, plates and bowls.


How did this happen? Well, at first, our weekend in NYC was to see friends before we all part ways. And one of our friends is planning to move far away. So far away, that he needed to get rid of all his stuff.

We happened to have a car, and figured we’d help move some stuff around to various locations for him. Cuz we’re nice people like that.


So what about the things that he couldn’t sell in time? Well, those were to be donated to the salvation army, which is difficult in the middle of Manhattan with lack of a car. Or, he could chuck the boxes into the street, and hope somebody gives them a good home.


Or, we could just take it off his hands, pack as much stuff we could in our car, and bring it home.


Yes, we’re really good friends.


Or thieves, taking advantage of a helpless friend when he’s overcome with 101 stressful things to do before moving away.


He’s grateful we helped, yet I’m ridden with guilt. Cuz this is actually some nice stuff.


We should be the ones giving YOU a going away present.

I’m a terrible person.


Then again, I’d give all MY stuff away for free if I could move to Hawaii too 🙂

Hawaii 316

Have a safe journey! We’ll always be here for you if you ever need anything!

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