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Photoshop Before/After

Photoshop Before/After

This is a Photoshop Before/After image.

Photoshop Before/After 1 Photoshop Before/After 2

The photo was taken from a very good friend of mine, who is one of the most talented photographers I know personally. He wanted some tips on how to use the new version of Photoshop. So naturally I demanded that he give me one of his photos to work with. He has photos from a billion different countries from all his travels. Yes, a billion. This one was taken from Alaska, and it looks like the middle of nowhere. Since he always has great composition in his shots, most of what’s been worked on is color.

Photoshop Before/After 3

I wanted to play with this image because there was a hint of orange in the bottom right side of the sky. And I knew the clouds could be enhanced.

Photoshop Before/After 4

I’ll post steps on Photoshop later.

6 thoughts on “Photoshop Before/After”

  • Off Topic – could you please tell me how you came up with this name for the website and if it means anything in particular?
    I’m guessing yummy soup in my (your) tummy? Or ?
    Sorry if it sounds weird – I’m just a tad bit curious, that’s all.
    And as far as picture editing wise advice…keep it up ! I’m sure there are plenty of your readers who would love to hear more.

  • Hey Candy,
    love the photo work, how did u add the colour and make it look so natural? and wat tool did u use to add it? im looking forward to the steps how u did this!! lol how long did it take btw? u can just ignore me and post the answers!! lol thanks

  • Jen – Your photos always come out so beautiful on your blog! So if you think you have so much to learn you hide it well 🙂

    Catalina – Every time I make my husband soup he eats 2-3 bowls, pats his tummy and goes ‘I have soupbelly’, hence the name was spawned.

    Happyface – sure, i’ll ignore you. Hehe…

    I’ll work on showing the steps right this instant though.

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