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Dim Sum at Pearl Restaurant

Dim Sum at Pearl Restaurant


Turnip cakes, pan fried both sides.

What’s a baseball game without a pregame dim sum meal? Whenever we drive the 3 hours from Rochester up to Toronto, we eat dim sum. And this is hands down the best dim sum we’ve ever came in contact with. And it’s not in Chinatown in Toronto, Chinatown in NYC, Chinatown in San Fran, or China itself. It’s in Harbourfront, an area by Lake Ontario in Toronto. And eating at this restaurant isn’t a one time deal for us, we come here every single time, and they’ve never failed us in service or food. And that’s pretty tough to say, since I have high standards, of course.

This is Pearl Restaurant, located at 207 Queen’s Quay West, Ste. 200 Toronto, Canada. Come here and eat.

SORRY ABOUT THE WRONG HYPERLINK GUYS! I just fixed it. http://www.pearlharbourfront.ca/executive.htm


Normally, I don’t order these pan-fried shrimp and chive dumplings. Because in 90% of dim sum restaurants, they’re too doughy and chewy for my tastes. But these looked SO GOOD. I had to order them. And they were SO GOOD! Perfectly crispy on the top and bottom, delicate, thin soft dough on the sides, and fresh and flavorful shrimp on the inside. It came with a dish of chili oil without my having to ask them for it. Which was great.


They also provided a dish with hot mustard and chili sauce as they came to set a pot of tea on the table. Without me having to ask. And they didn’t offer a fork, water or soy sauce to Chris, which is great, because it’s insulting when places do so.

I’ll explain that in a whole separate story some other time. For now, more dim sum.


These were deep fried seafood dumplings, with shrimp and scallops. I know what you’re going to say, dim sum experts. Where’s the chicken feet? Where’s the spare ribs with black bean sauce? Where’s the tripe? The congee? All the ‘authentic’ stuff? Well, 2 explanations. 1 – we had 20-25 minutes to eat, so we got everything we could get our hands on immediately. And the steamed carts came by us once, while the baked/fried carts came by numerous times. 2 – neither of us are crazy about chicken feet. I would’ve liked more steamed stuff, but when the first steamed cart came by, it had 2 things: har gow and siu mai.


Har gow (shrimp dumplings). Of course we would order har gow. Who doesn’t? These were perfection too. The wrappers were delicate, thin, and NOT chewy. The shrimp were juicy, and cooked just the right amount of time.


We should’ve gotten two orders.


Siu mai, with a shrimp on each dumpling. Bet you never saw that now, did you? And usually I don’t order these either, since I’m not a fan of the pork and fat mixture, but these had a giant shrimp on each of them. Come on. And the pork was actually pretty good in it. I was surprised because Siu Mai tastes the same to me in every Dim Sum restaurant. Maybe it was the ingredients they used in this place that sets it apart.


Just perfect.


We waited for the Char Siu Bao (BBQ Pork Buns) and didn’t see them coming around, but we did see Char Siu Sou (puff pastry filled with BBQ pork). These were buttery and delicious. After filling up on a total of 6 dishes, I was eyeing a mango pudding dessert but Chris was paying the bill as the dessert cart passed by. Before I had a chance to tear up, cry and throw a tantrum like a 5 year old, Chris promised me a Blue Raspberry ICEE at the baseball game.

Because I’m spoiled like that.


After filling our bellies, we took a nice stroll from Harbourfront back towards Roger’s Centre. It was about a 15 minute walk.


Let me tell you about my evil curse upon the Yankees. This is how my ‘curse’ began. Back around 2005, I went to my first Yankees game. They were playing the Red Sox. The Yankees were also on a winning streak. Well, that is, before I attended a game. In which the Yankees lost miserably, something like 17-1. Then I noticed strange little things…like every game I attended after that, they lost. Every game I’ve seen them play on TV, they lost. So this season, they seemed to have done pretty well, until I accidentally saw part of a game on TV, in which they lost also.

Then, we attended this game in Toronto against the Blue Jays. THE BLUE JAYS. Yankees lost. Miserably. They dropped balls numerous times, the pitcher threw a ball directly to a batter’s FACE, and two players running towards a ball in the outfield smacked head first into one another, their bodies colliding then falling down to the ground. I looked down at my lap, ashamed. Chris shook his head at me disapprovingly.

Maybe I should start being a Red Sox fan. But it seems they don’t need my help this year.


Jeter, who seems to be looking directly into my camera lens. Yea, we were sitting close, but not THAT close.


Doesn’t he look like a miniature in this photo? I didn’t even use that tilt/shift effect.


Chris got us some great seats. And I got to play with my telephoto lens. And slurp my ICEE.

I haven’t been to many sports games during my life. And sometimes I don’t understand most of the fans’ reactions to things. I understand that you cheer for your team and all that stuff. But when you’re a fan of a player who gets hit in the face with a ball, why would you whistle?

And why do you BOO when a good player from the opposing team goes up to bat? I would BOO if they were playing bad. But it seems like Jeter was the one who was carrying the entire team that entire game. Don’t Boo him. Boo the rest of them, right? Am I not getting this whole audience participation thing?

When I asked Chris these questions, he replied, “They serve beer at games.”

Yankees played badly that day. Blue Jays played well. But I couldn’t BOO at either of them. I cheered whenever someone hit a ball. From either team.

I don’t think I fit in at games very well.


I practiced getting a shot of the ball hitting the bat. But they pitch FAST. The ball’s almost outta the shot in this one.



Matsui’s bat exploded in his hands as he hit the ball. I’ve never seen something like that happen. Chris didn’t even flinch. He goes, “yea it happens.”


Johnny Damon, running fast. I kept calling him Matt Damon. Don’t ask me why. It was the ICEE talking.

10 thoughts on “Dim Sum at Pearl Restaurant”

  • Don’t get me wrong, Chinatown dim sums are good…but inconsistent at times. Like you never know what you’re gonna get. But this place was always consistent. AND good. if I had more time in Toronto rather than the day trip, I might’ve went to chinatown, or pacific mall, to tried a new place. But this was luckily right by the baseball game, and we’ve been there quite a few times.

  • Oh my goodness. I’m salivating here. These all look amazing. Dim sum has to be my favorite cuisine on Earth. In fact, those turnip cakes are my absolute favorite, along with those little custard buns.

    Looks like it was an amazing meal!

  • These pictures look amazing! The har gau and turnip cakes are my favorite- and I also had a dim sum feast myself this weekend, with plenty of both involved 🙂 Just wanted to say that I totally agree with you about the fork/water thing being annoying. This ALWAYS happens to me when my husband and I go out to eat (he’s asian and I’m not); someone always comes over to the table and gives me- and only me- a fork! My in laws and husband think this is hysterical! Anyway, I feel Chris’ pain…

  • Since no one has mentioned the baseball game I will!! Nice pictures of the game and I thoroughly enjoyed your discussion of fans, cheering, and both of your comments during the game!!

  • Momisodes – How great of an idea is dim sum? Small plates to share so you can eat a little of everything! It’s pure genius, always will be 🙂

    Lauren – Chris feels your pain too 😛 It’s funny because he holds chop sticks better than me, or even most of my family members. And he’s the one who prefers the hot tea, while I ask for (gasp!) water.

    Superstud – Thanks for mentioning the baseball game! I’m glad the telephoto lens came in handy, even though this isn’t a sports blog 😛 But I think the game was wasted on me, I couldn’t get into the booing spirit.

  • You made me smile when I read this, I went to the Pearl for my birthday and loved it! Great dim sum great view of the harbour! It’s one of my favourite places in the city!

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