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San Diego restaurant reviews – seafood, dim sum, pho

San Diego restaurant reviews – seafood, dim sum, pho


Ok, even though it may look like I walked around a beach all week eating lots of extravagant food, I didn’t. I searched through 15 apartments. Actually drove to 15 different complexes looking for the perfect apartment. It doesn’€™t exist. Either it’€™s missing a closet, a garage, a bathroom, or is on the ground floor, something was always not right. But I did eventually find one. I actually had nightmares since last Thursday wondering if I chose the right one. Wondering if there was a better one out there. I’€™ll probably always feel that way, since I only had a few days to decide where we would live for the next 12 months.

How did I manage to see 15 apartments spread across the San Diego area in 2 days?! Surprisingly, I’€™m pretty organized when it comes to these things. So is my husband. We are the most organized people I know. I entered each address I was visiting in a GPS. I printed out a map of San Diego and numbered each location I was visiting,   with location being first priority. My husband called each complex beforehand and we both wrote notes down and put them on an excel spreadsheet. I whipped the spreadsheet out at each place, asked questions, took photos of each apartment, used my tape measure to see if our furniture would all fit. And while doing all this, I still felt like I didn’€™t know what I was doing, organized or not.

So, thank you to all the people who answered our questions, who e-mailed us giving their advice, and those who supported our decision to do this. It makes the world a smaller place and less intimidating.

This post will be a food post. The next post will be a travel post.


Poseidon is located on the beach in Del Mar. Naturally, at a place called Poseidon, we all ordered seafood.

I have this weird thing about bread at a nice restaurant. It has to be good. Even though it’€™s complimentary, I expect it to be warm, crispy, chewy and soft, with butter that is soft enough to spread. Which it all was. So far, so good.


After flying roughly 7 hours, I needed a martini. At this point a martini is a martini and gets the job done. I’m not really an expert on cocktails, the only thing I prefer is that it is not too sweet, and this was just right.


We ordered two appetizers. These were the steamed clams in garlic broth, with garlic bread to soak up the juices. Very good. I would’€™ve drank the broth but I didn’€™t want to embarrass anyone.


Dungeness Crab Cakes with Baby greens. I liked the crispy breading on the outside, it gave it a nice texture. The vinaigrette drizzled over it tasted like coconut mango curry, but I could be wrong. Either way it was delicious.


My brother ordered the Surf ‘€˜n Turf, which looked like the biggest lobster tail I’€™d ever seen accompanied by a filet with a healthy dollop of butter on top. He accidentally dipped the filet into the drawn butter, in which case I found nothing odd about that.


My mom ordered the Grilled Ginger-Pesto Day Boat Scallops, with purple mashed potatoes. I always wish they gave more than 4 scallops at most places, but then again my eyes are bigger than my stomach. All the portions give you room for appetizers and desserts, so you get to experience a 3 course meal. These were very good and the scallops were cooked well.


Another look at the monster.


This was my dish, Sea Bass on spinach over pasta with sun-dried tomatoes. I want to say the pasta was orzo, but it was a little bigger. The menu is slightly different online than in the restaurant, so I can’€™t double check. But nonetheless, it was delicious.


We finished our meal with a couple of desserts, a creme brulee and chocolate lava cake with a side of vanilla ice cream.



This was a fantastic first meal on our first night in San Diego.


1670 Coast Boulevard

Del Mar, CA 92014



On our first day of apartment hunting, my brother wanted to get dim sum for lunch. He googled the closest place and we found Pearl Chinese Restaurant.

We walked in when the carts were just starting to roll out. Everything was fresh and hot on a Wednesday morning. I don’€™t think I ever had dim sum on a weekday that was fresh. I was surprised. It was pretty good here.

Pictured here were har gow (shrimp dumplings), dumplings with chinese chives and shrimp, more dumpings, and bean curd skin with vegetarian filling (bamboo shoots and mushrooms).


Siu Mai is on the top, and turnip cakes on the bottom, with a side of hot mustard and chili sauce.


Tripe was tender and flavorful. It had no hint of chewiness at all.


These were the beef ho fun (flat rice noodles) stir fried with eggs. Never ordered it with eggs, but surprisingly good for my first time.

Pearl Chinese Cuisine

11666 Avena Pl, San Diego, CA

(858) 487-3388 ‎


That night we went to another seafood restaurant (surprise, surprise!) at a place called Brigantine Seafood Restaurant in Del Mar.

Pictured above were the fresh shucked oysters. They were fresh.


This was the shrimp and crab fondue with toast appetizer. I couldn’t taste the shrimp or crab that much in the fondue, but it was decent, nothing special.


This place had rave reviews about the tacos, especially the fish tacos. So, my brother and I split an order of Carne Asada tacos and an order of Fish Tacos. The Carne Asada tacos aren’t on the menu, but I think they were on the bar menu, so you might have to ask them for it. It came with homemade chips and coleslaw.


Sorry the picture is so blurry. But this plate was enormous. 3 huge fish tacos with a side of truffle french fries and coleslaw. I couldn’€™t have eaten this by myself.

The carne asada was ok, and the fish tacos were just ok too. I guess I didn’€™t understand what the hype was all about. But I thought the taco was way too heavy and greasy, and overpowered the fish. When I skipped eating it in the taco, and just ate the fish with the filling, it was actually pretty good.


My mom ordered the Pan Roasted Halibut, served on asparagus and 2 potato crab cakes. She enjoyed it very much.

The atmosphere was nice, with a view of the train tracks below and overlooking the racetrack.

All in all, the place was good but not anything to rave about.

Brigantine Seafood Restaurant

3263 Camino Del Mar

Del Mar, CA 92014



The morning before we drove my brother to the airport (he had to leave our trip early) we stopped for Pho at an area with a cluster of Asian restaurants. By this time, I want to say I had a lot on my mind with the apartment search and all, and have no clue where this place was, nor the area I was in. So I apologize for not giving you a name of the restaurant. I can show you pictures, though.

Pictured above were the fresh spring rolls.


I ordered a Thai ice tea (front) and my brother ordered a milk tea (back).


My Pho came with meatballs and thin slices of steak.


My mom’€™s dish was a regular sized Pho with various meats in it.


I completely forgot to take pictures of our dinner that night at a Cuban restaurant. One day I’€™ll go back and take them. I also completely forgot to take pictures of the lunch the following day. But I did take one picture that Friday, of this little cup of gelato at Westfield Mall. My mom never tried gelato, so I had to get this. 1 scoop of banana chocolate chip, 1 scoop of amaretto. Delicious.

Chuao Chocolatier

Westfield UTC

4545 La Jolla Village Drive

San Diego, CA 92122

Ok, back to packing.

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