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Angelo’s Burgers in Encinitas, CA

Angelo’s Burgers in Encinitas, CA


This past weekend we walked around Encinitas looking for some place to eat. Encinitas is a nice looking town that I always pictured California was supposed to looked like. Stuck in the 60s, with palm trees lining the main street.


We walked past pizzerias, Trattorias, Sushi joints, cafes, coffeehouses until we saw this outrageous looking building. Angelo’€™s is a burger joint with two separate buildings connected by a carport looking thing which also serves as a drive-thru.


The inside is greasy, nasty, old and dirty. So we decided to give it a shot. Hey, we didn’€™t come for the atmosphere. We ordered the Avocado Burger combo that comes with fries and a medium drink, and an extra Avocado burger so we don’t fight for it. We always share the fries even though I am a fry fiend and never think there is enough.

The combo was $6.39 and that was pretty cheap for the amount of food we got.


In under 10 minutes our order was ready, as the fries had just come out of the fryer. I think there are enough fries. More than enough. Since the fries are still piping hot I douse them with salt since they’€™ll stick to the grease now. Chris likes eating them with 6 or 7 little cups of ketchup. I think ketchup ruins the fries, yet I still eat them with ketchup if ketchup is placed in front of my eyeballs. He probably thinks I ruin them by drenching them in sodium. So we’€™re even, muhahaha.


As we munched away Chris kept asking what that flavor was in the fries. Was it a different type of oil? Was it beef fat? They had more flavor than fast food fries had. The menu says the fries are fried in 100% vegetable oil. Hmmm. I realized after years of eating mass produced fries that were frozen before they were fried, our tastebuds weren’€™t use to what a real golden potatoey french fry goodness tasted like anymore. These tasted so good because they were fresh. Go figure.DSC_0013The avocado burgers were gigantic. It came topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, avocado.I can’t say much for the flavor of the meat (or lack thereof), but I liked the creaminess of the avocado, and whatever the sauce was they slathered on the bun.

If I’€™m ever in Encinitas again and in need of a big, greasy and cheap burger, I will definitely hit this spot again. Next time, I’m ordering the Gyro and fried zucchini.


Whether you’€™re hungry after a tiring day of surfing, or a late night drinking binge, this old school greasy burger joint will hit the spot.


3 thoughts on “Angelo’s Burgers in Encinitas, CA”

  • I love your photos. The food looks delicious! I’ve never been to Encinitas; I need to visit that place the next time I go to Southern Cal.

  • Memoria – Encinitas is a nice place. Lots of restaurants, cafes, art galleries lining the main street. Free parking too, for once.

    Travis – Wow. If you have any other recommendations on what to order here I’d like to know your input 🙂 I keep hearing the gyros are good too.

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