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BerryHappy Frozen Yogurt.

BerryHappy Frozen Yogurt.


Another place in Encinitas we tried was BerryHappy, a self-serve frozen yogurt joint. Most fro-yo places in SoCal are self-serve and you pay by weight. I like that way more than Pinkberry’s system (where you order a certain size and it can drastically differ depending on who’s serving you). At BerryHappy, you can choose your cup size, mix as many flavors as you want, put on as many different toppings as you want, then place the cup on a scale to be weighed.


I took their smallest cup, and tried the plain, chocolate and berry flavors, topped with fruit, mochi and chocolate rocks. The berry was in fact, very berry. I tasted raspberries and blueberries in it. The chocolate was, to me, like every other fro-yo’s chocolate flavor. The plain was tart, surprisingly…but not tart enough. I liked how they served mochi toppings though, that’s something I haven’t seen.


Chris ordered the largest cup he could find, since they don’t serve fro-yo in wheelbarrows. He ordered the same flavors plus a couple more, I can’t remember what (cheesecake? banana?) and topped it with fruit and mini chocolate chips.

If you don’t want fro-yo, they also serve boba here. But who goes to a fro-yo joint for boba?

On flavor, I would have to say the tart plain falls short (but not too much) under places like Pinkberry, Red Mango and Yogurtland. The berry flavor is surprisingly good, which I would hope is what they are known for (hence the name).

On service, they do what the majority of fro-yo establishments do around here; self-serve is definitely the way to go. Prices are reasonable and you get what you want. Our cups came to a total of $6.something.

Here is their website, though it is not as spectacular as frozen yogurt… http://berryhappyyogurt.com/

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