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In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu

In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu

I would’ve taken more pictures of these burgers and fries, had an elderly man not burst out laughing as he walked by my table, watching me whip out my Nikon to take a picture of fast food. I was afraid I’d given him too much excitement. Or fulfilled a stereotype that Asians take pictures of everything with big shiny cameras. Too bad In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu wasn’t displayed anywhere or I probably would have taken a picture of that too.

Since living in southern Cali for a little over two months, we finally took everyone’s advice and headed to In-N-Out Burger. Was it everything we hoped it could be?

The burger was quite good, better than most fast food joints. We ordered from the standard, visible menu hanging on the wall. Pretty simple menu, actually: hamburger, cheeseburger, or double cheeseburger, fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes. We picked two cheeseburgers, two fries, and two chocolate milkshakes. I don’t know how Chris and I managed to want the exact same thing, but I think we wanted to try simplest things first, then get a feel for what to order next time.

The cheeseburgers were tasty, and came with fresh onions, lettuce, tomatoes and a toasted bun. The bun was also slathered with a sauce which I believed was thousand island dressing? I think? Next time I think I’ll skip the onions, or ask for them grilled. There were just too many and they overpowered the burger.

The fries were pretty sad. Maybe I’m too used to greasy, over-salted fries from other restaurants. But I would’ve preferred them to have more taste (they were bland). They also weren’t crunchy enough, and were a little undercooked. And sort of cold.

In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu

I had read that In-N-Out has a secret menu. Well, not so secret, since they posted it on their website.  According to In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu, you can order things such as a 3 x 3 (3 beef patties with 3 slices of cheese), 4 x 4 (do the math), protein style (bun replaced by lettuce), or animal style (meat patty cooked with mustard, served with grilled onions, extra pickles, extra dressing).

I heard that you can pretty much ask In-N-Out to do anything you want to your order. I heard someone actually ordered a 100×100 once and got it. I heard you can ask them to deep fry everything and put it into a bun. I heard you can get a milkshake with all the flavors in one cup. I heard that you can order everything and have it blended together and put into a cup so you can suck your meal through a straw (no, not really, that’s just a blatant lie). But who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Next time, I think I’ll order my burger and fries both animal style off In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu.

27 thoughts on “In-N-Out Burger’s Secret Menu”

  • So many people love this place, and I’ve never understood why. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who was not blown away by In-n-Out. I actually didn’t like the burgers b/c they didn’t have mayonnaise (during the time I lived in LA, at least), and I didn’t like the Thousand Island stuff. I don’t like onions, so I don’t know how that was. I don’t remember the fries at all, so they must have not impressed me either. I also don’t like the environment/ambiance inside of the place. That’s a nice photo of the food, though!!

  • For the price, In-N-Out is pretty darn good. Every few months, I’ll swing by for a Double-Double protein-style with grilled onions. But I totally agree that the fries are bland and too soft.

  • In the end, a burger is just a burger to me. I’d still pick this place over McDonalds, BK or Wendys, and I like the idea of being able to ask them to do whatever I wanted. But I think I’d take a taco over a burger around here….until I get sick of them (which hasn’t been happening yet…).

  • Since we moved to Oregon we really miss In N Out. When we travel south the first place to eat is usually In N Out. Last year we were down there and ate the at least 3 or 4 times. I always order mine with grilled onions. They are carmelized and just add so much flavor to the burger. I am salivating now. LOL

  • I have heard that you can order your fries double fried, if you prefer crunchy fries over mushy fries (which I do!).

  • Their fries are much healthier that other places. Order them extra crispy next time. There’s usually salt by the ketchup.

  • Anyone that doesn’t understand In-N-Out probably doesn’t understand a lot of things. It beats the holy crap out of all other things “fast food”. They source everything they use as locally as possible, it is the reason they are west coast (and over night driving distance). Those fries you thought were dismal are cut from a real life potato right into a pot of water to par boil. They aren’t fried, salted, frozen, shipped, refried, salted, and then served like you are probably use to. The meat is never frozen, they don’t even have freezers at the restaurants. The staff is professional and actually care about your experience. I implore you to walk in and show the manager of the location you were so underwhelmed by this very blog entry. He will make sure you change your tune.

    Do I sound like a fanboy… I certainly hope so.

  • Kathy – I’m definitely asking for grilled onions next time 🙂

    Dixie – A couple people told me to order them double fried. Of course I didn’t know I was suppose to do that when I walked in, since it was my first time, hehe. But good tip.

    Anne – I will.

    Texan – Damn, you really went off a rant there. I don’t understand a lot of things eh? Who are you to start telling me what I do or don’t know about food? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. And if I say that my order of fries were stale AND COLD, then they were. I’m sure it’s not always like that, but it was the first time I went in. Sorry I do not like cold and soggy and undercooked fries. I get the whole ‘fresh’ thing. But sometimes that doesn’t mean their food is cooked to 100% satisfaction, got it?

  • Even though they’re messy, animal-style fries are the best! I don’t really like the animal-style burgers cuz I like to top mine with grilled onions and the sauce over-powers everything. 100×100? That’s just ridiculous! I wonder how much they charged for that…

  • hmm, I wasn’t done with my comment above, but I accidentally hit “enter” so there you have it, lol 😀
    As I was saying, Yowza! People sure do get serious about their burgers! It’s funny when you can’t share YOUR personal opinion on YOUR blog without getting some sort of lecture. Ah well, what can you do……at least you live in that great weather! (wink, wink) lol 😀

  • Cookie – Somewhere on the internet I saw a receipt for $97. Only in vegas, right? 😛

    Neighbor – I didn’t even say I disliked the place. I also said I would try them again. People are sooo touchy these days, and if I don’t agree with the masses then apparently I’m wrong. Geeeeeeez.

    At least we have warm weather. Hehe…

  • If you like your burgers spicy, you can order it with spicy mustard and/or hot chilis. It’s SOOOOO GOOOODDDDDDD. Oh and you can get a grilled cheese too.

  • A tip: order your fries “well-done”. They’ll be crispy and crunchy the way other fast food fries are, but taste WAY better.

    And instead of ketchup, ask for some packets of their secret sauce to dip your fries in.

  • Oh, there’s nothing worse than sad fries. As much as the main would taste good, I’d always remember that the fries did not and that would kinda mar things for me 🙂

  • I have to say than I’m an In-N-Out junkie (and proud of it!), although I now live in the Midwest. Luckily, my mom is retired and living in Las Vegas and her home is approximately 7 miles from her house and conveniently on the way from the airport. Needless to say, that is my first stop EVERY time I get into town. I love In-N-Out so much that I had to dedicate a whole post to it. . Okay, no I’m officially hungry.

  • Candy, I think your review was fair and well written. And, of course, you are entitled to have an opinion without others thrashing you for it. But the fact is, in SoCal, In-n-Out is the holy grail of fast food burgers to many people. And those In-n-Out fanatics will defend their favorite burger joint to the end. Like you, I’m not particularly crazy about burgers, but to people who are, any negative comments about In-n-Out is like insulting their mothers. So, if you get any more angry feedbacks, it’s just best to take it with a grain of salt. Very nice photos, btw.

  • If you’re jonesing for some late night fries, they’re absolutely delicious (melt in your mouth type of thing) at around 12-1am. 🙂 Something else to try is mixing a flying dutchman (patty and cheese) into animal style fries. When it gets too cheesy, peppers are great!

    I’m from LA and love In n Out to death, but it wasn’t always that way. I hope it grows on you too 😀

  • I’ve still yet to go to In-n-Out. Again, everyone’s idea of a great burger is very different. I’ve been assured that I will love their burger though. I wrote a little piece on burgers recently here.

    Oh, for the love of fast food…

  • Oh, and don’t ever be afraid to use your camera! Stereotype or not. It’s come to the point that I feel weird not taking photos of my food and I shoot with a professional DSLR!

    Oh… for the love of photography.

  • geezlouise – I love spicy. Ever since moving to SoCal I’ve put hot sauce on everything 🙂

    anon – nice tip with the secret sauce dip!

    Cynthia – I’m glad a few of us are in agreement!

    Tigerfish – I agree the prices are pretty good for the amount of food.

    Jeff- I read your post, the part where you said In-N-Out is a cult made me laugh out loud!

    Max – You said everything perfectly in your comment. I feel like I did insult everyone’s mom 😛

    Caroline – I was actually craving what you said last night. The idea of mixing a patty and cheese into fries sounds deliciously fattening.

    foodbymark – I’ll be sure to read your post. I’ve never been laughed at as I took a picture of food, it was pretty embarassing.

  • Something about ‘great minds’ 🙂

    I was just thinking at the beginning of this post that I always LOVED ordering my burgers there animal style.

    A double animal style rocks.

  • As a Californian, I think it’s somewhere in a rule book where I must automatically stick to my guns and say that In-N-Out is by far my favorite fast food joint. It’s just so fresh, and it’s always so easy to have them make things exactly how you want. I’m not the biggest fan of the animal-style burger, however the animal-style fries are one of my favorite things EVER…something about the combination of fresh fries, cheese, grilled onions, and the sauce is just awesome. I mix mine up in a separate cardboard box, so all of my fries are covered, but that’s just me…anyways. The cheeseburgers are awesome, but I tend to say light sauce.

  • I think Texan’s comment was aimed at Memoria’s, and not the author of this blog.

    Also Californian (born and raised), I’m probably expected to defend In-n-Out as it is the majority of the state’s favorite fast food restaurant. Texan explained it best.

    The fries have to be eaten immediately, and for that I can’t stand. But it is because they truly are fresh. There’s no messing around. We have to appreciate businesses that understand the importance of using fresh ingredients. Food aside, they take great care of their employees (paying well over minimum wage) and in turn the employees take care of their customers.

    Which reminds me of a picture I saw recently. Who knows how true it is, but I’ve read and heard similar things about McDonald’s meals (just to throw out a fast food competitor!):


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