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Los Angeles – Ice cream sandwiches and Korean BBQ

Los Angeles – Ice cream sandwiches and Korean BBQ


I’€™m on bed rest for a couple days, and figured it was a good time to finally update you on some things we’€™ve been doing.

A few weekends ago, we visited LA for the first time. Our first stop was an ice cream sandwich shop for lunch. Very healthy and nutritious for a growing baby.


I didn’€™t only eat ice cream sandwiches for lunch. I just enjoy saying things like that now.

I had a McDonald’€™s snack wrap earlier.

And before that, a bowl of cereal.


An ice cream sandwich at Diddy Riese only costs $1.50 and is gigantic. I hope the photo of the menu is self-explanatory.


I ordered the chocolate chip and walnut cookie with chocolate ice cream in the middle. Please, no asking me if I had this with a side of pickles. That is sooo gross.


Chris ordered this totally girlish chocolate chip cookie with strawberry ice cream. Unlike most guys, he’€™s not afraid of his feminine side. He would like to say that he only orders things that I might like too, in case I didn’€™t like what I ordered. I think I could only eat half of my sandwich before I gave up. It was good, nonetheless.


926 Broxton Avenue
Westwood, CA 90024


These are a few pictures of the Getty Museum.










And a few pictures from Santa Monica Beach and Pier.





This is me getting pooped on by a bird. I must’€™ve had a bulls’eye on me somewhere, since it hit my arm, shirt, jeans, shoe and purse.

I’€™m still not over it.


This is the purple dolphin that Chris and I won together playing the ‘€˜throw balls at clowns game’€™.


We heard so many good things about the Korean BBQ in LA. For example, how it is the best Korean food ever. We went to a restaurant called ChoSun Galbee. They had outdoor seating so we didn’€™t reek of smoke and meat later on.

And to all the neurotic folks – I didn’€™t drink the beer or Soju on the table that you see. So no chastising or tsk tsking or ‘€˜should you be having that?’€™ nonsense. Now that that’s settled…

The banchan was pretty good, and there was quite a lot of it. Acorn jelly, potato salad (I know, not very Korean but still tasty), pickled turnips, scallion pancake thingy, kimchi, tofu, and a bunch of other things I can’€™t name.


We were each served a bowl of salad with a very deliciously sweet, slightly spicy dressing drizzled on top. We ate our sizzling meat with this salad. It felt a lot healthier than eating the meat with a bowl of rice, and we were able to get refills on it.


I’€™m ashamed that I didn’€™t know the names of all the meat, but there were about 4 kinds we ordered, and they were all soooo good. Before coming to the West Coast, I always thought that the marinated meats were the best tasting ones in Korean BBQ. You know, with tons of garlic and marinade. But this meat that you see above wasn’€™t marinated, though it was incredibly fresh tasting, and extremely tender due to the marbling of fat, making it taste great just as it was.


Once the meat was cooked, you could dip it in your own bowl of sesame oil/salt to flavor it before you ate it. The meat melted in your mouth.


We also tried this rice that I also don’€™t know the name of, but tasted quite…healthy. It looks like it came with some kind of beans mixed into it. It filled us up and helped cut the grease from eating tons of meat.

I loved this place.


ChoSan Galbee – Korean Barbeque Restaurant
3330 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90019

There are many more places in LA for us to try, but this was a very nice first experience we had. Hopefully you’€™ll see more of our experiences, as I’m sure we’ll be visiting a lot more now.

7 thoughts on “Los Angeles – Ice cream sandwiches and Korean BBQ”

  • Arrrggh! I’m droooooling!! Definitely will have to try these places the next time I’m up there! BEAUTIFUL pictures Candy!!!

    Psychic, George, and Elaine:

    PSYCHIC: Who’s Pauline?
    GEORGE: Pauline? . . . Wait a minute. I got it. My brother once impregnated a woman named Pauline.
    PSYCHIC: Do you think about her?
    GEORGE: When I hear her name mentioned.
    PSYCHIC: Cut these with your left hand.
    GEORGE: There was a woman, Audrey. She had a very big nose.
    PSYCHIC: I see an Audrey, but with a small nose.
    GEORGE: Yes, yes, she had a nose job. I loved her very deeply. Will she ever speak to me again?
    PSYCHIC: Not in this life.
    ELAINE: Should you be smoking?
    PSYCHIC: Does it bother you?
    ELAINE: You’re pregnant.
    GEORGE: Elaine.
    PSYCHIC: I smoked when I had Faisy.
    PSYCHIC: Ah oh.
    GEORGE: Ah oh? What? What Ah oh?
    PSYCHIC: I don’t know about this trip George.
    GEORGE: You can see the Cayman Islands in there? Is something going to happen to me? What?
    ELAINE: It’s really bad for the fetus. Do you know that.
    GEORGE: Elaine, she’s a psychic. She knows how the kid’s going to be.
    GEORGE: Should I not go on this trip?
    PSYCHIC: George, I am going to tell you something and I want you to really hear me.
    ELAINE: Now listen. I just don’t know how a person, with everything we now know about pre-natal care, can put a cigarette in her mouth.
    GEORGE: Elaine, what are you doing?
    ELAINE: It’s disgusting.
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    ELAINE: Oh fine, I don’t like to be around people who are just so irresponsible.
    PSYCHIC: Get the hell out.

  • I’m glad you’re feeling okay and are resting. You are so skinny! I’m so jealous haha. The ice cream sandwiches look amazing. I love your outside photos. The Korean food looks fantastic, too!!

  • Potato salad is not traditionally Korean but is very common at restaurants here in Korea. I suppose you could say it is part of the Korean cuisine now. The scallion pancake is called Pajeon. ‘Pa’ means green onion and ‘jeon’ means pancake. Or maybe it’s ‘buchujeon’ which is made with leeks. Very good on a rainy day in the mountains with a bowl of milky rice wine! The rice looks like a variation of ‘yakbap’, which literally means, ‘medicinal rice’ since it is (originally) made with roots and herbs that are supposed to be good for your health. The meal you got looks the same as what you would get here in Korea except for maybe the yakbap. I haven’t seen that served with meat here. It’s usually served as the main dish with a soup and side dishes.

  • Neighbor – How come for the life of me I can’t remember that episode???

    Memoria – No one, NO ONE, has called me skinny in YEARS. Thanks for making my day.

    Marcus – Thank you so much for all the names of the food! I’m glad the meal looked authentic and similar to what you get in Korea. Now I have to learn and remember those names so I know how to order it myself some day…

    Hummingbird – I hope you’re having a great time in Korea! I will check your blog for any updates 🙂

  • Probably because you might have tossed and turned more than 3x one night, ended up sleeping on your stomach, then scratched your head. That causes memory loss you know – hahaha, j/k (in reference to the post you just put up)! I guess I’m in trouble if I ever get pregnant….once, I woke up in the morning to find that my feet were at the head of the bed and my head was at the foot of the bed…..I don’t even know how that happened! lol

    btw, it’s the Drake’s Coffee Cakes episode – don’t know if that will help, haha 🙂

    hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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