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The camera adds 10 pounds

The camera adds 10 pounds

The camera adds 10 pounds and it adds it directly into my stomach and butt. I’m not good at taking pictures of myself. Plus, I lack space in this cramped apartment to set up a tripod a reasonable distance from myself. So this is all you’re gonna get.

Not to sound extremely defensive, but I didn’t actually gain 10 pounds….more like 7. So 10 lbs. from the camera + 7 lbs. = big blob.

As you can see, my appetite seems to have made a reappearance this past month. My stomach rumbles if I don’t stuff my face every 2 hours, and it’s annoying when you’re trying to sleep and have a craving for pineapples at midnight. I don’t feed into my cravings that much though. I usually stop eating after dinner, and I haven’t really upped my calories, or counted my calories like most people do. They say you should eat an extra 300 calories when you’re pregnant. That’s like, an apple and some yogurt. Since I always ate an extra 300+ calories daily pre-pregnancy, I can say I was made for this.

Lately I’ve put myself through the torture of maternity clothes shopping. The majority of clothes are designed to accommodate weight gain on your entire body, not just your stomach. This frustrates me to all hell. Maternity jeans are built extra wide in the butt, hip and thighs area along with your growing belly. In which case, the jeans that fit so well in the fitting room for the 5 minutes you had them on, slide down to your knees or at least your hips though out the day, making it look like you took a crap in your pants.

Yes, I repeat, maternity jeans make you look like you crapped your pants.

The majority of the time I’ve been wearing the belly band to hold up my regular jeans. I’ve found reasonable shirts (like….$6-7 shirts at Old Navy). Target has great maternity tanks too. But does anyone know where I can get good maternity jeans? Even just one pair. The smallest jeans at Motherhood Maternity and Target are too big. A Pea in the Pod is way too pricey. JC Penny jeans rip and tear, so do Old Navy’s. I’m thinking of going to the Gap soon. And if I can’t find any at the Gap….

I can just give up on life and wear sweatpants out in public. It’s either that or look like I crapped my pants. You choose.

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