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23 weeks: a waddling jello jiggler with bat wings.

23 weeks: a waddling jello jiggler with bat wings.


I’m not posting a picture of how my body looks like a watermelon being balanced by two toothpicks. Paranoia has currently taken over and I have the strange feeling people want to gawk and laugh at my fat rolls. When I hear comments about how pregnant women look, it’s never “Oh, look how cute she looks”; instead,  it’s always “She just looks fat” or “It looks like a muffin top.” And I can’t handle that right now.

I’ve been more self-conscious of how I look. I’m getting tired of waddling ever since my hips loosened (I don’t understand how they’re still physically attached to my body). I can’t imagine my stomach getting any bigger than it is now. My bat wing underarms are flabby no matter how much I try to tone them with weights. My feet are swollen and my shoes feel too tight. My joints keep popping. I feel like a giant, 3D Jello jiggler in the shape of a pear. Honestly, when I look in the mirror head-on, I can’t really tell I’m pregnant. But it looks really apparent when I check out my side profile. I was happy for that at least. Then, when I expressed my insecurities to my husband, he goes, “Everyone gains fat all over their body when they’re pregnant. It’s normal.” (Tip: never say what he just said.) That was NOT the answer I was expecting. Apparently I’ve gained fat all over, and the fat rolls around my fat eyes made me fail to see how much of a fatty I actually was. And that is how I began my two day crying spell over my enormous, blob-like body. Better late than never.

As for the little baby, she is currently the size of a papaya. So I went to the grocery store to look at papayas. Even the smallest papaya was HUGE! I looked at it…then looked at my belly…then looked at it again. How it manages to fit inside of me, I don’t know. A really freaky thing that’s been happening the past couple weeks was seeing my stomach MOVE when the baby kicked. Every time I see it happen, I revert back to the image of an alien popping out of that guy’s stomach in that movie. I know, not the warmest, cuddly image you want right now. I’m waiting to see a toe stick out of my belly button each time it happens.

I should be gushing over how cute this is and stuff. I’m not a gushy, oohing and aahing sort of person. Though, I am relieved each time the baby kicks because it reminds me that she’s there, moving, and rambunctious. I also think it’s funny when she plays games with daddy and hides when his hand is over my belly.

So that’s what’s going on with that.

4 thoughts on “23 weeks: a waddling jello jiggler with bat wings.”

  • I realized that I haven’t been here in a while and found out you’re pregnant! First of all, congrats! You’re going to have a very beautiful baby girl. Even though you didn’t post a picture of yourself, I’m pretty sure you look great. So no need to feel paranoid… you’re going to be a mom soon! 🙂

  • I got batwings and I’m not even pregnant! What’s my excuse?? lol…
    Hang in there–you don’t feel like it, but I’m sure you look beautiful. 🙂

  • JL – Thank you. I don’t have a wide angle lens so I can’t post a pic of myself 😛 I think it’s the fact we’re in SoCal and all the other pregnant moms are still size 2s. And the ones pushing strollers are all skinny as sticks. Maybe it’s in the water and I’m not drinking enough of it…

    Angela – Thanks. Bat wings are weird, I always thought the more food I lifted up to my face, the harder the workout my arms would get. Apparently it doesn’t work that way.

  • I am at the end of my 23rd week and I can so relate to this! My biggest issue is that at one time I weighed 320 lbs and I lost 150 lbs which left a lot of extra skin and now that I’m preggo I can see my baby belly growing but its not the cute belly that some women get, it’s a preggo belly that still has extra skin hanging lol

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