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25 weeks.

25 weeks.

Last night, I stubbed my toe on the wastebasket walking to my side of the bed. Half my toenail ended up ripping off. I have a band-aid on it now, still in complete denial that it won’€™t stay on, in hopes that it’€™ll eventually re-attach itself back onto my toe. I realized our bedroom was too minuscule. We live in a one bedroom apartment. Where we somehow managed to fit a queen sized bed, two nightstands, 3 dressers, a full sized crib and a changing table in a room that’€™s approximately 10 x 10 ft (at least, it feels like it). I can’€™t decorate a nursery, I can’€™t perform my ‘€˜nesting habits€™’, all I can do is try not to stub anymore toes on corners or bang anymore knees into furniture as I get as large as a house. In fact, I’€™ll be surprised that I won’t actually BE bigger than the bedroom.

Back in Rochester, we were living in a 2 bedroom, 1000 sq. ft. apartment with full kitchen pantry, storage room in basement, and garage. We knew that we would sacrifice space moving to the West Coast, as square footage is way more pricey for so little space. So we got rid of a big chunk of our furniture and hoped we wouldn’t be that cramped and uncomfortable in our new 1 bedroom, 648 sq. ft. apartment.

By the way, a good thing to know for anyone interested in moving to the West Coast: apartment buildings consider the balcony as living space. It is included in the square footage. Our apartment is listed as 780 sq. ft. but it is actually a measly 648 sq. ft. without balcony. If you do the math, it is the biggest balcony (wasted space) that ever existed on the planet.

Fortunately, our lease is up in a few months, a month after the baby is born. Ok, it’€™s not fortunate, since this is the worst timing in the world. Along with caring for a newborn for the first month, we will be packing boxes and moving furniture into a bigger place. On top of that, our families want to make the trek to visit the baby. And all this will be in the first month. I honestly have never felt so overwhelmed in my life. I’€™m the kind of person who cleans for days before any guests step foot into my place, the kind of crazy person who scrubs behind the toilet and has an array of appetizers ready on the table (er…not at the same time, that’s unsanitary), as if I’m the most organized person on the planet (ha). On top of that, I will be recovering from childbirth and will probably still look 8 months pregnant post-partum. I’€™ll be blobbing around trying to get my baby to sleep and feed on a schedule, in a messy apartment, and probably no food to offer anyone, and no place to sit, as there will be half packed boxes everywhere with dirty diapers stacked on top. I’€™m embarrassed just thinking about it, since I’€™m not usually disorganized, but I will be, and I won’t be able to help it.

But I’€™ll worry about that when the time is near.

In other news, I still feel like a giant blob. I know I know…it’€™s all for the health of the baby. And while I’€™m happy that the baby is gaining enough and is measuring the correct size she should be, I’€™m not too happy about the weight I’€™ve been gaining. But who really is? My last doctor’€™s appointment went something like this:

“€œDo you have any other questions for me?”€ The midwife asked me.

 “€œYea..um..when the nurse weighed me on the scale, it was 7 pounds off from my scale at home. I don’€™t think that’s right…” I said, grasping on to the miracle I may have stepped onto a faulty scale.

“€œYou can try stepping on it again,”€ she suggested.

That didn’€™t make any friggin sense to me. Was I going to drop 7 pounds by stepping on the scale again after 5 minutes? So I stepped back on to humor her.

“Uh…yea it still reads the same,” I stammered.

“Well, do you think the scale is lying to you?”€ she asked.

WTF?! I swear she was, as Chris calls it, psyching me out. You know, playing mind games with me and twisting the meaning of my words around to see what I REALLY meant (even though I’€™m a pretty blunt, straightforward person). She stepped out of the room and came back with a sheet of paper titled ‘Diet for Gestational Diabetics’.

“You can follow the same diet as someone with gestational diabetes for now until your glucose test next month,” she explained.

This was frustrating. The digital scales I usually stepped on for the past few months at the doctor’s office weighed me the EXACT SAME as my digital scale at home. I never had a problem. And this time they weigh me on some scale that was made before dirt, non-digital, and obviously non-calibrated. And no, I’€™m not delusional! I didn’€™t even bother to argue with her, since she thought I was in denial by asking if I thought the scale was lying. Who says that?

So I’m on a damn diet now. Before then, I exercised daily, ate salads, veggies, lean meats, and occasionally splurged on something bad once in awhile. Like any other normal person. What was I doing wrong, damnit? It’s not like I was stuffing my face with deep fried butter balls at the county fair or satisfying double cheeseburger cravings at 3am. And, get this, the diet actually requires me to eat more than I do already. I tried it yesterday and I was so uncomfortably stuffed that, when I sneezed I thought my stomach was going to explode.

I’€™ll cut out the sugary drinks. But other than that, I don’€™t think I can eat more than what I have been eating. The ‘€˜diet’ she suggested consists of about 2400 calories. Which is insane to me. I’€™m only 5’€™2″, and if I’€™m only supposed to eat an additional 300 calories a day for the baby, that would equal 1900 calories. People really need to take height into account.DSC_0024

And that’€™s that.

5 thoughts on “25 weeks.”

  • First off, I’m going to make you nauseous and say you look adorable. There, I said it and I’m not taking it back. Neener.

    Second, I had a similar toenail incident picking up a suitcase that caught the corner of mine and yeah, F’n OUCH. I used superglue to keep it from ripping the rest of the way off and eventually it grew out enough to trim it up and all was well. Superglue, the miracle goo.

    Third, everyone will be swooning over the adorable bundle you two have created and won’t even notice a mess or lack of food. Just let them know you will accept one covered dish in exchange for a viewing of the baby. (I kid, I kid)

    The mid-wife doesn’t seem very plugged in to your weight concerns. I think you know what’s good for your body and baby and every single woman gains differently with a pregnancy. Trust your instincts, not some pamphlet haphazardly handed to you so you’ll feel better.

  • Ok, I was expecting to see a big hot mess, but from what I can see, you look great! If you’re anything like me though, I know you won’t believe any of us and still feel like a “blob”. Nonetheless, you’re an adorable looking “blob” and I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so bad! **big hug** Oh! AND btw, I’d just like to add that your hands in all of your pictures look FANTABULOUSLY slender and terrific as well!!!

    I know! don’t you just love the ginormous balconies San Diego has to offer? Couch, table, bed? Who needs ’em when you’ve got a huge and useless balcony that you can’t sit out on most of the time due to inconsiderate smokers and annoying people! We lucked out for awhile in the place we’re at now because it’s a pretty nice townhouse, but that luck didn’t last long as we now have to move again due to circumstances beyond our control. 🙁 What area are you guys moving to now? Eek, I hope that’s not too terribly personal – you don’t have to answer that if it is, haha! 😀 We, on the other hand, are moving back to the Mission Valley area. Speaking of moving, I suppose I should stop browsing the internet now and actually help the hubby with the packing.

    Anywho, I’m glad to hear your pregnancy is going well! You’re more than halfway there! Woohoo!! And as always, I’m here if ya need anything! 🙂

  • April – Thanks for the support. I just painted 5 coats of clear polish on my toenail and it seemed to do the trick. All my nails are so fragile now that I can rip all of them rather than trimming them with a nail clipper. I know, TMI. But at least the baby is getting all the calcium it needs from me 😛 I’d really love if I had a personal cook to make all my meals for me in the first month, and helped clean the apartment. Or I’d settle for a covered dish in exchange for holding the baby. Maybe I should post my address here so all you guys can do that 😛 I’m not worried about my weight gain as much as before….I looked at all the charts and I’m still on track for gaining the ‘appropriate’ weight – 25 lbs. I will try to follow the diet just in case I might have a problem, since I’ve been craving sugar like crazy.

    Neighbor – You’re right. I don’t believe you. But at least my rings still fit on my finger…..so far….
    Since our apartment is on the second floor, everytime people above us water their plants, and we’re blessed with the longest, widest balcony than all of them, we get flooded weekly. Which means our balcony is soaked and damp every single day, and ironically it never dries out because we don’t get direct sunlight (IN SUNNY SAN DIEGO!). It’s utterly useless. If they’re not watering plants, maintenence is cleaning the roof, awnings, gutters with a hose. It’s great. I like Mission Valley a lot, but we’re thinking of looking at Mira Mesa. Worst case scenario, Escondido (for the price and the space) but it’s just so far away. I hope your move goes smoothly and good luck with your packing!

  • Just discovered your blog – it’s great! Hope you manage to keep it up after the arrival of your little bundle – good luck! I felt an urge to reassure you of your weight – your photo looks great – forget the stupid diet if you haven’t got gestational diabetes and enjoy your pregnancy, it’s a special time. If you feel the urge for the occasional cream-cake then for goodness sake indulge yourself (perhaps not EVERY day though!) I’ve had 3 babies and went crazy for healthy eating when I was pregnant first time; now I look back I can’t believe I got so stressed out about being healthy and eating the “right” things. By my third pregnancy I realised that it doesn’t actually make THAT much difference – eating regularly and eating “proper” meals seems to be the most sensible policy to me. I’m fortunate to have 3 healthy babies and I’m sure my odd cream-cake on pregnancies 2 and 3 didn’t make a jot of difference to my gorgeous girls but they sure made me feel better!

  • Karen – Thanks for your support and advice. I’m still not thrilled at the idea of following a diabetics diet if I wasn’t diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I take my glucose test next month, but I would like to enjoy this month without worrying about dieting as I’m travelling and stuff. I guess I’ll take it lightly for now. The biggest thing I’ve done is cut out sugary drinks (I was going through almost a carton of lemonade a day…hehe) and I think that’ll help tremendously. I don’t usually splurge on cakes or junk food, the only junk food I have here are triscuits. So I wasn’t doing that bad before. I’ve heard people say the same thing you have…that they’ll gain the same amount of weight with one pregnancy as the next pregnancy, and dieting/exercising like crazy for one but not the other. Your body just puts on the weight that you need and counting every calorie you consume will probably just stress you out more than keep you healthy.

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