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Maine – Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park


It’s been a week since we’ve gotten back from a vacation to Maine with my in-laws. I hope you can forgive me for catching up on much needed rest and not posting for awhile. Here are a few scenic pictures of Maine that I’ve taken. I’ll be posting food pictures soon.


These photos were taken at the Jordan Pond trail in Acadia.


This trail was 3.3 miles around the entire pond. If you comment, please feign amazement that I was able to manage a 3.3 mile hike in my pathetic, winded blobby condition.





My husband and father in law. Climbing rocks looked really tough here, didn’€™t they?


On top of Cadillac Mountain during sunset.






One of the more relaxing days where we set up chairs on these rocks and I was able to blob around, eating and enjoying the scenery.





Bar Harbor



Food photos coming soon (and by food I mainly mean lobster).

7 thoughts on “Maine – Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park”

  • Those photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been trying to figure out somewhere we could take a short vacation to and I think this is it!! In our 10 years of marriage we’ve yet to take any sort of vacation for ourselves and I just don’t count having to go visit family as ‘vacation’. LOL I’m planning a trip to Acadia now! If you have any tips on places to eat or stay that would be awesome. I’m so excited!!! Thank you!

  • Memoria – Thank you!!

    April – Wow I’m glad I could be of help to you. Everyone I know who’s been to Acadia and Bar Harbor has loved it so I’m sure you will too. For places to eat, I’ll just do a post about it soon and list some restaurants that we’ve tried. Walking around Bar Harbor you’ll find a bunch of restaurants, though most are touristy, they aren’t that bad. We ate in Bar Harbor and off the beaten path. My in-laws got us rooms at High Seas Motel ( http://www.highseasmotel.com/ ) and it was suprisingly really nice. Quiet, really clean, the rooms are huge, free wifi and affordable. It’s about 4 miles from Bar Harbor and 1.5 miles from the entrance to Acadia. Most places in Bar Harbor run 200-400/night. Check out http://www.tripadvisor.com for reviews on the hotels there.
    I should really be a travel agent, everyone tells me I sound like one 😛

    Jennifer – Thank you! 🙂

  • Beautiful pictures! I traveled to Bar Harbor and Acadia last Summer, so I recognize the locations in most of the shots. Looks like you had good weather! When I was there it was so rainy and foggy it was hard to see much of anything off the coast or from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

  • Wow, I came by for something completely different and saw these shots. . . I grew up in Eddington ME (about 45 min north of Bar Harbor on 1A) and spent many, many wonderful days in Acadia & Bar Harbor growing up. . . Your pictures actually made me homesick a bit.

  • Jen – The first time we went up Cadillac Mountain it was really foggy. Just walking up there made us all look like we stepped out of the shower. I’m glad it cleared up the rest of the week so I could get some good pictures.

    Jenn – You’re lucky to grow up in such a beautiful place. And to have so much lobster available around you 🙂

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