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31 weeks – A means to an end.

31 weeks – A means to an end.

31 weeks to go, 463 weeks left. I see pregnancy as a means to an end;€“ going through the process of something for the final result. Even though it makes me happy and relieved the baby is doing well inside me, I’€™m not a bad person for saying I don’€™t enjoy it. Hooray for the women who say they enjoyed every minute of their pregnancies and how they love their big bellies (yea, some people actually like it), but it’€™s just not my thing.

Weight update: First of all, I’€™m sick of all the weight questions. Especially from my mother, who may or may not be reading this. It makes me feel bad that I feel like I have to explain why I gained a certain amount each month, what I’ve been eating, and where the weight has been going on my body. I’m writing this as I’€™m eating Pepperidge Farm mini chocolate chip cookies, and I don’€™t want to feel guilty about it anymore. I also don’€™t want to feel guilty that I don’€™t crave vegetables, even though I force them down my throat every day for the sake of my health. I’€™m doing the best I can. But sometimes I’€™m going to treat myself when I want to, after the fiber cereal with soy milk, fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish, yogurt, etc. That being said, weight should not keep coming up in conversation with any pregnant woman as long as she looks healthy. No, revise that – it shouldn’€™t come up in conversation in any instance.

Stupid Diet update: Remember in one of my last pregnancy posts, when I said that the midwife put me on a special diet for gestational diabetics, even though I wasn’t tested for GD yet? Well, I did get tested, and I passed the GD test with flying colors. I saw a new midwife and she told me my weight wasn’t a problem and I didn’€™t have anything to worry about. In fact, I am right in the exact recommended weight gain, even when I had a growth spurt a couple months ago. Just goes to show that everyone gains at different rates. So it’€™s back to deep-fried twinkies and ho-hos and fried chicken now. Just kidding.

3rd Trimester symptoms: I was told that one of the more uncomfortable symptoms I’€™d have to face during the 2nd or 3rd trimester was swelling. Major swelling. Where they might have to cut the rings off my fingers at the hospital, or that my feet would grow two sizes and none of my shoes would fit anymore. I want to say that it doesn’€™t happen to everyone. Knock on wood, but in 31 weeks I luckily haven’€™t experienced any swelling whatsoever. Here’€™s a pic to prove it:


Another missing symptom is heartburn/acid reflux. I get very minor acid reflux, and I’€™ve had worse before this pregnancy started.

One symptom I have had, the most uncomfortable one, has been trouble breathing. Or shortness of breath. Of course, when I mention this to anyone, it’€™s brushed off as no big deal. I know I don’€™t feel the major, popular symptoms as other women, but that doesn’t mean that I don’€™t understand how it feels to be uncomfortable. But I’€™ll take trouble breathing over major complications any day.

I pee 3 times a night now. Right on schedule. 12 midnight, 3am, 6am. It’€™s fun. I get my exercise throughout the night by dragging my fat self out of bed and walking to the bathroom.

I can’€™t put sneakers on anymore. Or socks. I wear sandals instead. I did however manage to paint my toenails yesterday. Don’t ask me how. There was a lot of huffing and puffing through the process. I felt proud of my accomplishment though.

No stretch marks on stomach. Good thing I had a thick layer of skin and fat to begin with.

Last Doctor’€™s Appointment update: The baby has been head down the past few weeks, and it sounds like she’s not going to shift from that, hopefully. Unfortunately, her head is pressing down on my sciatic nerve, causing me a lot of hip pain when I try to sleep. But she enjoys kicking my ribs and using my kidneys as squeeze toys. Heartbeat is still in the 150s.

Cravings:€“ Nothing too weird. I have more of a sweet tooth now than I did before. I rather eat cake and brownies for a meal than fried chicken. Meaning, pre-pregnancy I craved salty foods, and now I just crave sugar. I give in once in awhile. At least fruit has sugar, and I eat that more than the fattening stuff.

Belly Button:€“ No, it hasn’ popped out, and I’m pretty sure it won’€™t pop out anytime soon. Whew.

7 thoughts on “31 weeks – A means to an end.”

  • Kidneys as squeeze toys! LOL

    I’m glad to hear you’re doing well so far! I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to deal with all the ‘advice’ and questions from people when you’re pregnant. I can’t imagine saying anything other than congratulations to a new mom! And then proceed to ask how she’s doing.

  • your post made me smile! I am 20 weeks pregnant and am also in the category of not enjoying it. I get so tired of all the questions as if it’s anyone’s business! I have not gained more than normal but last week, my mother in law told me I look like there are 2 babies! Good luck with the last trimester, the end is in sight!

  • Ugh! Don’t you want to go back and just eat the doctor who put on that damn diet in the first place???

    Glad you’re doing well! So, July 23 you were 31 weeks pregnant? When is your due date?

    Have you tried powdered sugar on top of french fries yet? Its like a delicious funnel salt cake.

  • Serene – I realize I don’t splurge at all. I mean, even when I bake a cake, I just eat one piece. If we bake cookies, I’ll only have 2 cookies that day. I’ve wanted french fries for a week now but out of guilt I haven’t stopped at a fast food chain for weeks. I think it’s time to splurge.

    April – No…..usually it’s weight that comes up first, then the baby. Weight, stretch marks, swelling, etc. I’ve only had 2 people who told me that I look great. Two people in 7 months. That’s sad since it’s probably the only nice thing you SHOULD say to someone when they’re pregnant. Even if they were just trying to be nice, it sounds a lot better than ‘it looks like you gained a lot of weight’.

    Catrina – Congrats! You’re at the halfway mark! I remember 20 weeks as it were just yesterday 😛 I think everyone gets the comment of how it looks like you’re carrying twins. I don’t get it. I’m sure you look great though. Good luck with your pregnancy and enjoy your 2nd trimester!

    Sheila – My due date is Sept. 27th. I like french fries, and I like sugar now. It seems to make sense to put those two together 😛

  • Just wanted to say Hi. I just found your blog via my foodgawker RSS feed in Google Reader. This afternoon I read every post in the “Pregnancy” category and I just wanted to say how much I completely appreciate your posts on the topic.

    I am not pregnant. I have never been pregnant. But I will be, once I am out of grad school. And I am utterly terrified. Because of the terror, I do a lot of research on the subject, which mostly doesn’t help. I have those family members who are going to irritate the crap out of me with their questions and advice. (It’ll probably be the same ones who thought I’d asked them to plan my wedding for me.) I hate going to the doctor and I am afraid of hospitals. I am scared of gaining the “wrong” kind of weight, doing something wrong from the List of All The Things Pregnant Woman Cannot Do and harming my baby, etc. And that’s not even considering the anxiety about my fertility (whether or not it even exists), the baby’s health, ending up with some terrible pregnancy something-or-other. Your perspective is so refreshing to me. Knowing that some women don’t love pregnancy, don’t wish it “would never end,” and aren’t convinced they’re glowing examples of blossoming motherhood makes me feel better, because I know, know, know that’s how I’m going to feel.

    Just so you know, I think you make a lovely pregnant lady. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your pregnancy story. Believe it or not, reading it has done wonders to chip away at the enormous block of anxiety I deal with when it comes to getting pregnant.

    (p.s. my secret little plan has been to pretty much not tell anybody I’m pregnant as long as I can hold out. The thing I am dreading the most, perhaps, is what I like to call the Pregnancy One-Upmanship…”My pregancy was so much worse than yours and let me tell you all about that in great detail…” Um, no thank you. So, again, my heart said a little “Thank you!” when I read about how you felt more comfortable keeping your pregnancy to yourself. I completely agree…why does pregnancy somehow mean that the pregnant woman no longer has any self-established boundaries that deserve respect?)

    Sorry, this is long. That just goes to show how much reading your blog touched me today. 🙂
    ~ Becky

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