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39 Weeks – are we done yet?

39 Weeks – are we done yet?

kiwi doesn’t work to bring on contractions

I’ve been patient the past 9 months. I didn’t complain (much), I didn’t throw hideous mood swings (much) and I was blessed with a pretty easygoing, symptom free pregnancy (most of the time, excluding 1st trimester). So I have the right to want the baby out of my belly now.

Yesterday’s doctor’s appointment didn’t give me any new news. Weight unchanged, blood pressure good, blah blah blah. I asked the midwife if it looks like the baby dropped more. She said it didn’t look like she dropped. Which pissed me off, since a different midwife told me I DID drop a few weeks ago. Either baby scooted back up or nobody really knows what they’re talking about. Personally, I can feel that the baby has dropped, since I’ve been breathing easily the past few weeks, and since I’m short, maybe I just don’t LOOK LIKE I dropped even though I did.

The midwife also said guessing by my size that the baby is probably 7 lbs. right now. Excuse me? At birth I was around 6 lbs., and my husband was around 7 lbs. I was born at 40 weeks and 3 days, and he was born on his due date. So the fact that I have 11 days left and the baby looks like it’s currently 7 lbs. makes me panic. Of course, it’s just an estimate, nobody can really tell how big a baby is until after its born. But I don’t want to push out an 8-9 lb. baby in 40 weeks.

So my question is, why are babies so friggin big nowadays?! The average weight of a healthy baby a few decades ago was around 6 lbs., right? And now it’s about 8 lbs. I know it’s not my weight gain, so don’t even go there. I’m pretty sure I gained the same amount as my mother did when she had me. So what was different? I’m guessing it’s our diets. I bet I ate a lot more junk food, fast food, processed crap than someone did 30 years ago. So the problem isn’t necessarily HOW MUCH weight you gain that makes you healthy or not, it’s HOW you gain the weight. Makes sense right?

Or I can blame my husband for his freakishly enormous baby genes wreaking havoc on my body soon. Because it didn’t come from my side.

My midwife said she puts babies in 3 categories: small, medium and large. She put my baby in the small category. I don’t understand how 7 lbs. is small. My husband thinks maybe she meant the baby will be 7 lbs. at birth and that we misunderstood her. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

All that being said, I went home after my appointment and ate 3 kiwi. You know, since kiwi is said to bring on contractions. Then I ate my dinner with chili sauce. I only had 4 contractions within one hour this morning, then they disappeared. I went on my morning walk today and walked uphill at the park for maybe 30 minutes, then back down the hill. No contractions.

Since pineapples were 2/$1.00 at the store, I might buy, like, 10 of them and try those out this weekend. I’m talking my husband into taking me to a Sichuan restaurant this weekend and ordering dishes with chili peppers (since spicy Chinese food is said to work). I heard curry works too, so maybe Indian food will be good. I will eat everything that’s rumored to bring on contractions EXCEPT castor oil. That stuff is nasty. So far the only thing that brought me a handful of contractions were buffalo wings I had last weekend.

The only thing I’m worried about is if I’m overdue and am pushed to get an induction, which involves drugs. Or even worse, I end up with a C-section. So for now I’ll keep trying my spicy foods and walking like crazy until the baby just falls out of me.

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share them.

11 thoughts on “39 Weeks – are we done yet?”

  • my theory is that babies used the be smaller because many women smoked when they were pregnant, and now we know better. i was 6 pounds at birth, and my husband was about the same. my kids were 7lb 3 oz, 7 lb and 8 lb each!

  • Heather – I never thought of that, good point. Everyone I know who was born 6 lbs. (even 5 lbs.) had one or both parents who smoked. In a way I guess that makes me feel better, I was starting to think I did something wrong (like eating too much).

  • I think our diet has a lot to do with it. And I’m not really thinking about all the CRAP that is available to eat. But just that we know more about food, we have better food now (arguable) and they know more about prenatal health. My guy was born on the 2nd and was 8 lbs 7 oz. I say go for a big baby and some drugs BECAUSE the bigger the baby, the sooner they sleep thru the night (supposedly).

    I was a 6 lb baby, but my hubby was 8 lbs 15 oz at birth. So if all else fails – definitely blame the hubby!

  • Sheila – I never heard about the bigger baby = sleeping better, that’s interesting. I had two midwives tell me different baby weight estimates – 7 lbs and 6 lbs. So either way she’s on the small side for now. Unless she decides to stay in there for another 2 weeks, and get bigger, and bigger….
    I have this irrational fear that she’ll be too big to come out. Like giving birth will just never happen. I know it doesn’t make any sense. I’m crazy.

  • I just wanted to leave a comment and make everyone feel a little better. My hubby was 5lbs at birth and I was slightly over 8lbs. Our daughter was born by C-section a week early weighing in at 12lbs. 5oz. Not a typo. I am currently 32 weeks along with a baby boy and measuring 40 weeks. The doctor doesn’t think this one will be as big but that means he is thinking 11lbs. Lucky me, huh?

  • Joy – Did you break the world record for the 12 lb. 5 oz. baby? That’s amazing. I’m glad for your sake they were able to measure and estimate the size of the baby so you could get a C-section. And here I am worried about 8 lbs.

  • Actually I was induced a week early because the doctor thought she was maybe 10+lbs. I labored for 24 hours and did not come close to where I needed to be. That’s when we did the C-section. She missed the hospital record by 5oz. Needless to say this time around the C-section has already been scheduled. I do have to agree that the bigger the baby the earlier they sleep through the night. My daughter has slept great since she was 3 months old.

  • Candy – I still think that its a big lie how baby’s are actually born. I did a C section also because he was breech. But I don’t believe that he lived in me. In fact the whole stork thing makes more since to me than how the doctor says it happens.

    You’re going to be great! Are you doing drugs for labor (epidural)? Personal question and preference of course… I had an epidural/spinal combo for my c section and it was the biggest piece of cake ever. Of course either way you go – you’re going to be fine. That baby will come out. You can do this! (You have to.) ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m thinking of you!

    Joy – yikes stripes! I’m so jealous about the 3 month old sleeping through the night. I got all excited when my guy slept 3 hours in one stretch the other night!

  • Although the average birth weight it more for full term babies, so many people are having their children early!
    My daughter was born at 36 weeks and weighed only 5 pounds.
    And I know you’ve heard this, and probably REALLY doesn’t sound good.

    Sex brings on contractions, and the sperm helps dialate the cervix ๐Ÿ™‚

    What got you here will get you there

  • Joy – It is definitely a benefit to have a bigger baby sleep better through the night. I’ll keep that in mind as I wait (im)patiently ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sheila – I was planning on natural (no epidural, no pitocin, etc.) which is why I definitely don’t want to go past due (over 42 weeks) because then I would be induced. I know that the window for full term deliveries is 37-42 weeks, but after the 40 week mark hit I get 10 questions a day asking, ‘So did you have the baby yet?’ It’s driving me crazy. I almost want to get induced so everyone would shut the hell up! So right now I’m a hermit, not answering my phone, IMs or updating my facebook status and trying to keep positive.

    Marion – “What got you here will get you there” is hilarious. I read that to my husband and he laughed.

  • Wow Candy! You are woman! Hear you roar! Natural worked for millions of years for millions and billions of women. Go you!

    People are so dumb. They stay dumb after you have the baby. I keep quiet about breast feeding, cosleeping, and all the other things that others are experts on…

    You’re going to do great! I can’t wait to hear about it! In the meantime, go ahead and flip the other annoying question askers off. Its like the only time you can get away with flipping people off and not have to apologize later.

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