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7 days and counting.

7 days and counting.


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After doing the laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen, dusting, sweeping, putting the recyclables in bags, removing cat fur off the furniture, and cleaning poop off the cat’s butt, I’€™ve decided to take a break and do a post before starting dinner.

Apparently, this isn’€™t nesting, since I’€™m not going overboard enough as everyone says. Nesting means I’m supposed to be cleaning neurotically. I can’t even nest properly. I’€™m supposed to be cleaning ceilings (we have 10 ft. ceilings, and I’€™m not ready to get a huge ladder and try to balance on it to clean a couple of cobwebs), the tops of cupboards, scrubbing the grout in the shower (oh wait, I did that this morning). But I clean like this once a week normally. So how would I even know that I’€™m nesting?

Washing the baby clothes, bedding, and organizing all the baby stuff in the nursery isn’€™t ‘nesting’€™ either. It’s just me trying to be organized. Maybe I’€™ll end up skipping this nesting phase.

I’m not posting a picture of my belly anymore; yesterday at the park a woman told me that I looked too big to be carrying a girl. Strangers seem to be more open in telling me what they think during these last few weeks. The week before, another woman told me I didn’t look like I dropped at all. The week before that, another woman told me I didn’€™t look big enough. The week before that, a guy was pretending to breathe through contractions, blowing spit on my face as he bagged my groceries. He told me not to yell at my husband when I was in labor. Can I yell at you instead, random cashier guy? I get really tired of that comment. Especially from strangers. Or anyone, for that matter.

At least no one tried to touch my belly. Thanks to the giant ‘€˜f**k off’ sign I seem to have on my forehead these days.

I seem to be doing too well these days (other than being exhausted at times). I ate a whole bunch of super spicy Sichuan food on Friday night, which brought on some contractions throughout the night; unfortunately they faded by Saturday afternoon. I walked a lot on Saturday and Sunday, which did nothing. Sometimes I feel like this baby will never come out. A part of me can’t believe everything will change in a week or two, another part of me can’€™t imagine anything will change at all.

I apologize for the virus I had on my website before. Thanks to my friend at neonomadic.com who helped me fix the issue this afternoon. Everything seems to be working fine again. If anyone has any issues with the site just e-mail me at soupbelly@gmail.com and let me know and I’€™ll try to fix it promptly. I was wondering why no one was posting comments for the past few days; my husband said it was because my last post was rude and nobody wanted to respond. Now I know it’€™s because of a virus, not because you all hate me. I hope. And if I seemed to be rude, well, I’m not. Sometimes I need to vent once in awhile; not everything is sunshine and flowers all the time.

Other than cleaning, I’ll be spending my time writing down funny, witty responses to the question, Did you have the baby yet?€ I mean, something like that wouldn’€™t have slipped my mind. Believe me, I WILL let you know when I give birth. But I’€™m sure I’€™ll be hearing the question way more than I have already.

5 thoughts on “7 days and counting.”

  • Oooo, the baby is arriving any min now! Can’t wait for the new arrival!! Take care babe pretty soon you’ll have your hands full and I’m looking forward to baby posts 😀

  • This has me thinking maybe I need a pregnant friend that I can convince to come ‘nest’ at my house…hmmmm…

    All kidding aside, I’m so excited for you two (three)!

  • Alesia – Maybe one of the only positive things that will keep me sane for the next week (or two) – I should treasure the quiet times now since there won’t be pretty soon 😛 I’m looking forward to the baby posts as well 🙂

    April – Haha…I wish someone would nest for me at my place. Like…nest for the next few months…hehe.

  • I love the idea of having someone nest at my house too! My mom came and stayed a week and kept the place clean, laundered, food, it was so wonderful. Some of the relatives that have visited have different ideas of what help is. Hogging the baby for hours isn’t helping in my opinion and somehow, God only knows, I managed to not scream that at them.

    Think of some witty comments too for when you leave the baby at home with hubby or mom or whomever to go run to the store or post office or bank or somewhere all by yourself. Everyone asked me, Where’s the baby? (With a horrified expression on their face as if I’ve naively left the baby at home alone.) I told people that my dog Zona was watching him.

  • Sheila – That’s nice that your mom did that for you. I won’t have anyone come for the first few weeks but by the time the premade frozen dinners I made disappear, I think my mom will come so she can help cook. Hogging the baby for hours just interferes with their sleep schedule. I’d be mad too 😛
    I should say congrats on your new baby! How is everything going so far? I assumed you were busy with motherhood the past few weeks. Hope you guys are settled in and enjoying every minute.

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