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Birth Story – Part 2

Birth Story – Part 2

Since baby is finally taking a nap, I”€™ll try to finish up my birth story and get on with this blog (preferably more recipes).

After one day at the hospital, our baby lost over a pound and weighed around 5 lbs. 10 oz. On top of that, a doctor came into our room at 5am to tell us that her jaundice levels were too high and that she was to be taken to NICU. That was probably the worst moment in the hospital for us. Since I couldn’€™t even get out of bed, I didn’€™t even get to hold her that much, change her diaper, or even bond with her. The doctor started talking about possible brain damage due to the jaundice getting any worse. Chris said he was concerned with the baby being separated from us, especially since he heard that around 90% of babies in the NICU always catch another illness. Since I was a complete mess I just started crying, since I didn’t know whether going to the NICU or staying with us was a better choice. The doctor said she’€™ll come back later to make a final decision.

When she came back, she made a compromise with us. The baby got to stay with us in our room, and they’ll bring her the UV lights for her jaundice. We would get to feed her every couple hours, breast milk and supplementing with formula, to get her weight back up. We couldn’€™t cuddle with her that much though, since she was only to be taken out for feedings then put right back under the UV lights. If her jaundice levels went down, or didn’€™t spike, she would be allowed to stay with us until she got better. If she got worse, they would talk to us about taking her to the NICU.

Each day she seemed to be getting better, and everyone told us that she would probably get discharged soon. I was trying to get better myself, and Chris was stressed out worrying about my health and the baby. He eventually cracked and said, call your mom and tell her to come ASAP. If we were to get discharged, we needed help at home.

We barely got any sleep each night. Doctors and nurses were checking the baby around the clock and weighing her, counting how many diaper changes she had, taking blood tests. Doctors came in to check on my IV, blood pressure, heart rate, catheter, and swelling. By the 5th day I was eventually discharged. The baby wasn’€™t yet, but we were able to stay in the hospital room as the parents, as the baby was now the sole patient.

On the 6th day, doctors told us the ‘€˜bad news’€™. Baby’€™s bilirubin levels went back up and they wanted her to stay longer. We were frustrated. We asked to speak to an attending doctor since all the doctors we spoke to were residents, and rarely did we see the same one each day. Basically, long story short, the attending told us to go home, and not worry about brain damage due to her jaundice, since they weren’€™t high enough to cause serious damage (baby’€™s level was something like 12.4, and a level of 30-something would possibly cause brain damage). She made it sound like the hospital just took special precautions and that usually in these cases there’€™s rarely any concern once the baby goes home. Her jaundice would eventually subside on its own, with or without the bilirubin lights. That was enough for us, so we made the decision to finally go home.

So that was Part 2 of my birth story. It was definitely one of the most exhausting, stressful experiences of our lives, but I’€™m glad the baby is happy and healthy now. It’€™s been almost 5 weeks and her jaundice is completely gone. She is a chubby 9 pounder too. I am still recovering (yes, it’€™s been 5 weeks, will it get any better?!) but getting out of the apartment with the baby each day. I’€™ll keep updating everyone as much as I can.

6 thoughts on “Birth Story – Part 2”

  • Look at that cutie! I love the picture! 🙂

    I’m so sorry it was such a stressful experience for you guys. That all just sounds so awful, I couldn’t even imagine. I’m so happy to hear that you are all doing better now though. 🙂 It’s good to see you back blogging too! (**HUGS**)

  • Wow, what an incredibly horrifying and monumentally stressful situation! I am so, so glad you’re both doing better and I hope you’re ALL better very soon!

  • Glad to hear you and the baby are doing well! She looks trememdously happy. Keep feeling better and can’t wait for new awesome recipes.

  • it gets better, but it takes its sweet time doing so. my birth story isn’t as bad as yours but it does include a 72 hour active labor with an epidural that didn’t work and a 100x overdose on the ephedrine they pumped in my spinal fluid. honestly, it took me six months to recover completely, about three months from just the awful vagina tearing birth (hey! on the bright side, the ‘reconstructive procedures’ they did on me made me a new woman, i am as tight as a mormon teenager!). your daughter is so beautiful and she looks so smart, and not to sound like a hippy or anything, but a totally old soul. she is amazing and so are you. i hope your recovery goes by mega fast! xoxo

  • Trust me, I feel you! My daughter just turned 7 months, I’m what they consider ” fully healed” but the incision still aches at times. Comes with the job of being tough enough to have babies 🙂 She’s so pretty! Enjoy her and love her! My daughter also had biliruben problems. we had a take home light box and I remember crying myself to sleep each night, only to wake up 2 hours later to a crying hungry baby. Those were hard times!

    Be strong! that first smile will be so worth it all 🙂

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