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MOGO Korean BBQ Taco Truck

MOGO Korean BBQ Taco Truck



So what’s better than tacos and Korean BBQ combined? Nothing, really. If you haven’€™t heard or Korean BBQ taco trucks, it’€™s the new trend in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, LA and NYC. In my last trip to San Jose back in April, we tried MOGO Korean BBQ Taco Truck.


MOGO uses Korean-style marinated BBQ’d meat in their quesadillas, tacos, and burritos. They also offer sliders and hot dogs. Check out their website and if you live in the San Jose area, follow them on twitter to see what locations/times they’ll be at.

We ordered and waited around 20 minutes for our order. The time you wait is dependent on the number of customers at the location. We took the order home and it was still steaming hot when we ate it.

Since I was new to the whole taco truck scene and didn’t know what to eat, I tried a little of everything.


Spicy Pork Quesadillas

This was by far my favorite. Not that the other orders trailed far behind or anything, but I think I was just in the mood for spicy and cheesy that day and this quesadilla satisfied that craving. You can order the quesadilla with your choice of meat or tofu, and I wanted to try the spicy pork. And when they say spicy, it’s actually spicy, not like Taco Bell spicy (which isn’t spicy at all).


Quesadillas are also nice if you don’t feel like vegetables. I ate this as an appetizer before chowing down on the next items.


Short Rib Burrito

We tried the burrito with fillings of short rib, kimchi fried rice, cheese and coleslaw. The portion was massive and I think we split this 3 ways. The photo above only shows a third if the burrito.The combination of ingredients are unique and work very well together. The cool, crisp coleslaw was a refreshing accompaniment to the smoky, rich and flavorful chopped short ribs. It was also drizzled with a spicy chipotle sauce, which we got extra cups of because it was so tasty. The sauce was more on the creamy side than spicy. The kimchi fried rice makes this a well rounded meal conveniently wrapped in a burrito shell. I would take fried rice over refried beans as a burrito filler any day.

Order this if you have a hearty appetite and want to try, well, basically everything.


Short rib taco

Yes, we like our short ribs. This was also filled with coleslaw and chipotle sauce. To me, it tasted like the burrito sans rice. I would buy this if I wanted to eat the most short ribs in an order on their menu.

We also ordered the sliders with – you guessed it – short ribs. It was also very tasty and similar to the taco, just a different vessel for the fillings. The sliders were gobbled up too fast and I didn’t get a picture.

If you ever have a short rib, taco, or Korean BBQ craving, check this truck out.


3 thoughts on “MOGO Korean BBQ Taco Truck”

  • I don’t know that any of it’s Korean BBQ (at least not yet), but Atlanta has a small but growing food truck scene – check out the Atlanta Street Food Coalition. For my food truck taco cravings, I generally go with Yumbii, but beyond tacos I really like the Good Food truck.

    There’s an urban picnic at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market a couple of times a month, plus some other events starting to happen regularly – the street food coalition should have information about all of them on their site. I moved to Atlanta last summer and have been pleasantly surprised by the offerings I’ve found. 🙂

  • @ellbeecee – I’ll check out the link, thanks! I’ve been pleasantly surprised too so far, especially with the food here.

  • We just got to CA a week ago, but once we find a place to live and get settled in I can’t wait to drive down and check this out! Guess it’s time for me to change my”April in CT” handle :o(

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