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Review: Australian Bakery Cafe in Marietta, GA.

Review: Australian Bakery Cafe in Marietta, GA.


Last week my kind husband told me not to cook dinner the next day, and that he was bringing home dinner. So the next day at approximately 6pm, the baby and I were sitting eagerly at the dinner table, bibs on, fork and spoon in each of our hands, waiting for this culinary surprise.

Ok, we weren’t€™ really waiting at the table like that, but in my mind that’s how I anticipated the meal.

Was it going to be Thai? Sushi? Korean? He said it was something I haven’t had before. So it couldn’t be Asian. Ethiopian, maybe?

It was Australian, from Australian Bakery Cafe in Marietta, GA. Because of my ignorance, I have very little knowledge of what is Australian, except Blooming€™ onions and steak from Outback Steakhouse. And everyone knows that’s as close to Australian as Pizza Hut is to Italian.

So, what kind of food was it? Meat pies. Savory, savory meat pies.

The photo above is a curry chicken pie. In my head, a curry chicken pie is what I sometimes ordered in Chinatown NYC. Buttery, flaky, full of lard and probably other fatty fatty artery clogging things. This one was different. The pastry was flaky, golden and buttery, but not greasy or heavy. The curry sauce was flavorful, with white meat chicken chunks and peas and carrots and corn. This wasn’t Marie Callender’s pot pies either, so I have nothing to compare it to. It was quite good, though I wished it had more chicken chunks in it. And I wished it was more hearty, or that I had at least two of them to fill me up during dinner. One would be enough for lunch, though.


Then I tried the steak, cheese and bacon meat pie. Best pie ever. This coming Thanksgiving dinner, it’s steak cheese and bacon pie for dessert, no apple pie in my house. It was meaty, cheesy, bacony goodness in a buttery crust. What else could you ask for? I mean…it has bacon bits and cheese melted on the top, and inside it has steak and gooey melted cheese. It was hearty, savory, and after every bite you just wanted more. I asked him to bring one of these to me after work once a week. He refused.


This is an Australian Sausage Roll. I thought that I would prefer this one over the steak pie, but after tasting both, I didn’t. Not that it was bad at all. When I think of sausage I have a certain taste I expect and when I bit into this, it didn’€™t have it. Still, it was heartier than the curry chicken pie so it came in second.


My husband also brought two beverages home, Bundaberg Sarsaparilla and Ginger Beer. I liked the Ginger Beer a lot, and have since tried 3 other ginger beers that aren’t remotely close to how good this one was. If you see it around, give it a try.

I’m not a sarsaparilla fan, but my husband is, and he liked this brand a lot.


This Fruit Mince Pie was a nice little treat. It wasn’t overly sweet and I think I tasted some hints of cinnamon and nutmeg along with the raisins and currants. The shortbread crust was buttery, but light.


This was a Pavlova, which is a meringue with cream and fruit on top. I wasn’t crazy about it, because after the meringue melted in my mouth it was pure sugar to me. But that’s just my opinion.


This was a Lamington, which is a sponge cake dipped in chocolate and covered in coconut flakes. It was my favorite dessert. The sponge cake was light and airy and the chocolate and coconut weren’t overly sweet, all together they were a good combination.

If you’re in the Marietta, GA area check this place out.


Marietta Square

48 South Park Square, Marietta, GA 30060

7 thoughts on “Review: Australian Bakery Cafe in Marietta, GA.”

  • Love your blog, been following you for about 2 years.
    Did you move to Georgia? I thought you guys made a huge move to San Diego?
    Congrats on the new baby, she’s very beautiful.
    I’m from the Midwest but have lived in Georgia for 23 years.
    I’m a location scout for the movie industry so if you would like some references to some cool off the path places, I think i can help.
    I’m also a Foodie and photographer and always enjoy your blogs, thanks for puttin out there.

  • I don’t think we have any Austrailian food around these parts, but I’ll be damned if I don’t turn the city upsidedown looking! This looks AMAZING! And the Lamington sounds so perfect!

  • Wow! How unusual and fabulous. I’ve never thought to myself, “Man! I could sure go for some Australian!” But I will now! Meat pies remind of me the musical Sweeny Todd – which is NOT Australian but English. And dark. Very dark. But really good! Have you seen it?

    Anyway, any night that hubby makes dinner is good in my book! I’ll eat anything if he’s the one cooking! (Or bringing home takeout!)

    More pics of the baby please!!!

  • Maria – Thanks!

    Melanie – Long story, but we moved to Atlanta a few months ago for my husband’s job. Actually not a long story, that about sums it up 😛 But if you have any suggestions for places to check out, that would be great. We haven’t been out that much but we’re having guests over the next month and it’d be nice to take them to some new places. I’m glad you enjoy the blog, thanks for reading 🙂

    Amanda – You should.

    Sandi – Who would’ve thought Australian food was so good? I think Outback Steakhouse ruined our perception of it.

    Sheila – I almost referenced Sweeney Todd but I didn’t….thought it’d turn some folks off from meat pies….sweet and savory meat pies…I’ll try to update with more baby pics, maybe next post. I tried to comment on your site but I’m not sure if my comment went through.

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