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The parenting pie is bittersweet

The parenting pie is bittersweet

“Buh-Bas!!!!” – quote from baby

Rather than explain with words how I’m feeling lately, let me show you with some pie charts, because I feel like putting my Illustrator skills to use every couple years:



























Get it? Ok.

Baby is nearly 11 months now. She’s standing up, taking a couple steps here and there before squatting down on all fours to crawl. Today she somehow took her pants off and started waving them at me. She also learned how to throw toys at the TV. She pushed the spoon of oatmeal away angrily and reached out for the fresh cut up plums instead. She looks up to the fireplace mantle where the bubbles are and says, “buh-bas!”. She says ‘mo mi’ for ‘more milk’. She calls me mama, her dad ‘dada’, birds ‘birs’, dogs ‘doggy’, yells ‘no’ for almost everything, waves hi, says ‘buh-bye’ to toys she throws on the floor, takes the books out of shelves and flips the pages as she ‘reads’, brings me books and toys, plays ball, and plays Clair de lune on the piano.

Ok, that last part isn’t true. But many people have been asking how baby’s been doing. And rather than rattling off a list of milestones/accomplishments, I shrug my shoulders and say, ‘ok’ or ‘everything’s fine’. Sometimes I feel like if I say anything more, it sounds like I’m bragging about my kid. And that annoys me. Which is also why I don’t put up facebook updates exclaiming each milestone. But I do post pictures like every week. Which probably annoy most of my friends.

Once u have a kid, the friends you had before, the single ones, the childless ones, seem to drift off. I actually got a comment from a distant ‘friend’ saying, “I’d say she (your baby) was cute, but you know I don’t like kids.” He then proceeded to show me pictures of his new car, because that was something to rave about. Needless to say, that was probably the last conversation we’d have.

I don’t really push conversations about my kid to people in general though. I can understand that a lot of you honestly don’t care, and that’s completely fine. You can always skip the kid posts I write and move onto the food posts. The food posts are my way of keeping the .002% of what I was before having a kid. It makes me feel normal again. Lately it seems all I am is a cook, a milk provider, and a cleaning lady. I miss having conversations that don’t involve babies.

At the same time, if anyone asked me if I would’ve preferred my life before baby, I’d say no.

8 thoughts on “The parenting pie is bittersweet”

  • I personally love seeing posts about your baby….Being completely honest she is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen.

  • Hahaha, LOVE the pie chart! 😀 I really enjoy reading your posts about your little one. For what it’s worth, I don’t read your blog mainly for the food (although, it’s a huge plus seeing all the amazing things you make!) or any other topic in particular. I read your blog simply because it brightens my day and you make me laugh girl!! 😉

  • I never posted here before, but felt like I had to after reading this post. I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime, and I love it…
    Talk away my friend!! What makes you happy should be something your friends should expect to hear. I’m sure you listen to them talk about what makes them happy from day to day, but they can’t hear about your happiness and that cute little girl “you” gave life to?? That’s not fair. I love reading your posts, and will continue to do so. Like I said before, Talk away my friend!!!! =)

  • So true! I love your pie chart. I also decided to write a food blog a few months ago, and finally I write on my baby (1 year old) quite often and everyone seems to appreciate it. It’s another side of us that we show. Keep blogging!

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