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Some more stuff I learned raising a kid.

Some more stuff I learned raising a kid.


Since I received those nice comments on the last baby post, I’ll do another one. It feels good that you guys are still reading this blog. Below are a few more photos.



Baby gets a kick out of seeing her own photos on my monitor, and on the walls, fireplace mantle, tops of bookshelves, etc. We’ve made her vain, if that’s even possible at this age. When she sees me take out the camera she gives me a gigantic smile showing her teeth. When I take out her TOY camera she even smiles for it.

When I took her into the bathroom to wash her hands today, she said ‘bafroo’. I guess I’ll add a check next to ‘Being able to say the word ‘bathroom’ at 10.75 months’ on her checklist of accomplishments. Kidding.

Here are a few things I’ve learned lately:

  • The only constant, ironically, is change.
  • I have to stop worrying about how everyone views me as a parent.
  • Some details don’t matter. Details like exactly which month I wean her from breastfeeding aren’t going to ruin her life 18 years later.
  • I let her take her clothes out of the drawers and make a mess on the floor. It keeps her occupied, she has fun, and it’s not like she’s pouring milk all over the carpet.
  • Saying ‘no’ 238472 times a day is tiring and useless. I save it for the important stuff, like staying away from outlets, eating cat litter, biting the cats, or biting me. I don’t say it when she dumps drawers full of clothes on the floor.
  • I let her play with her food. She learns how to eat that way. Her development trumps my life being easier by keeping a sterile environment 24/7.
  • Kids bite/lick/eat the handlebar of the shopping carts. I almost puked in my mouth when I saw it first happen.
  • I’ve come to hate the label ‘mom’ or ‘mother’. I don’t know why I feel so hostile when I hear it. I was a person, just like everyone else, before I became a mom. But ‘mom’ erases the past. Maybe I just hate labels.
  • Milestones shouldn’t be thought of as a contest, or used in a checklist. They are just a guide. Same as weight/height charts. Is she happy and healthy? Yes? Then she’s doing fine and you’re doing fine.


Those are just a few thoughts, anyone else have some they’d like to add?

2 thoughts on “Some more stuff I learned raising a kid.”

  • I absolutely love this list. I don’t have any children, but I can assume things like that can get totally overwhelming until you realize we’re all just people trying to do the best we can no matter what our situation. It’s much easier when we finally realize we need to allow ourselves to just..live. :o)

    That is one beautiful and happy little girl!

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