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Pizza Review: Big Pie in the Sky

Pizza Review: Big Pie in the Sky


Did you just gain 5 lbs. looking at this picture?

There was an episode in Man V. Food featuring Big Pie in the Sky in Atlanta. He had to eat a 30″€ pizza with another guy in order to win. It was called the Carnivore Challenge, the pizza had around 5 lbs. of meat on it, making the entire thing 11 lbs. or something crazy. Anyway, he lost the challenge. Can’t imagine why.

So my husband had this idea for dinner Tuesday night. He was gonna order a pizza. Ok, I said. He comes home with a 30″ pizza from Big Pie in the Sky. “WHY?” I asked. “Because it’ll be fun.” Somehow that made sense. To him, not so much to me. I guess fun to him means feeling his insides being coated with a layer of pizza grease.


In order to place this on our table, we had to tear our roof off and have a crane drop it down. This heart attack in a box covered 75% of our kitchen table.


To give you a sense of proportion, see box compared side to side with a baby.


To give you a sense of its diameter, compare length of baby to length of pizza. She’s nearly 30″ long too.

…and no, we weren’t adding baby as a topping.


And this photo was just for fun. We tried to compare her face to a slice but it didn’t turn out well.


Yay for gluttony!


Aside from the shock and awe effect this pizza has, it wasn’t half bad. The crust was fantastic, crispy and chewy, just like NYC pizza. The toppings were decent quality too. We ordered the supreme, with sausage, olives, pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms. It came out to $34, not bad for the amount we got. I would order from this place again, but next time I might insist on a slightly smaller version.


This is what I looked like after 3 slices.

Kidding! That was a pic from my 3rd trimester. We froze 80% of the pizza for leftovers that will probably last 5 years.

If you’re in the ATL area, take 50 of your closest friends and check this place out.


4 thoughts on “Pizza Review: Big Pie in the Sky”

  • Holy Cow!!!!! O_O You don’t really get a sense of how big it is until the 3rd picture! Actually, we watch Man V. Food a lot and I totally forgot about this one. 🙂 It looks yummy, yet at the same time, I feel sick…..does that make any sense? LOL 😀

    Love the slice comparison picture, hahaha!

  • Sunny – I heated 2 slices up for lunch the next day. I should’ve stopped at 1 slice. But the grease helps the pizza slide down my gullet easily.

    April – How are you liking CA??

    Superstud – I challenge you!

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