Happy Halloween.


I got the idea to make this zombie head cheese from Not Martha. Hers looks a lot better than mine though, but I was pretty pleased with it, this being my first attempt to make a melted head with pub cheese.



  1. Smear cheese all over head, starting with the fine details first (eyes, nose, etc.) Stick sliced olives in eye sockets. Cut gum in pieces and press into mouth. Serve on platter with crackers.


I can’t wait to scare my husband with this when he opens up the fridge tomorrow morning. Muhahaha…

Oh and since the skull is a cookie jar, I’m serving chicken wing dip inside it’s head, since it sorta looks like brains…

3 Thoughts on “Happy Halloween.

  1. This is amazing! Goofy and really creepy at the same time. And I *love* the idea to use it to contain chicken wing dip. Bravo!!

  2. That looks awesome, I love it!!!

  3. Hey! I’m in these and chubby! But, hot damn my wife looks good. Love you Brooke and how you made me look almsot as good as Sam.

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