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Dear Baby,


You are almost 17 months now. You like to play pretend with daddy’s clothes, and more often daddy’s shoes. You wake up every morning asking where Daddy is, and I tell you he went to work. You cry and are upset almost every morning, and drag his shirt and pants around the bedroom smelling them. You go to your bedroom window and point to where Daddy’s car used to be parked on the driveway. I tell you he’ll be home later, and you start playing with toys.

(To my husband: that’s why you can never find your pajamas every night.)


You can sit in a chair and eat your own snack. You can also eat with a spoon, and you don’t miss aiming towards your mouth anymore. That’s why I started giving you a fork. You’ll love spaghetti and meatballs one day and hate it the next. We also took you to a Malaysian restaurant the other day and you ate congee with preserved duck egg and crullers, pad see ew with bean sprouts and beef, and rice. I was proud. You try to be funny by putting blueberries on your head, but we never laugh, so please stop doing it.

You like helping me clean up the house, so you deliberately dump your goldfish crackers all over the floor so you can pick them up for me. I guess you are learning ‘job security’.  It will be a good asset for you later in life.


I brought you to the playground the other day, and as I took you out of the car seat I noticed you had spilled your entire cup of grape juice onto your pants. You look like you peed your pants. Was this your intention? Did you want the other kids to stay away from you at the swings? Was it a clever scheme to have the slide all to yourself? Or did you just like pouring juice on yourself? Next time I will have to bring an extra pair of pants.


I’m sorry I suck at pigtails. And ponytails. I barely do my own hair so I probably won’t have much skill in yours. You’ll be the girl with messy hair and wet pants in public from now on. Just kidding.

Today I noticed a slight frown on you today. It was only for a split second, but it was there. Immediately I realized that was the FIRST time you frowned since being born. You are such a smiley happy baby. It took you almost 17 months to finally get annoyed at me. I realized you are probably the happiest person in our entire extended family, ever. Most people have perma-frowns and are not capable of lifting the corners of our mouths upwards unless we had corrective surgery. Hopefully you keep smiling more than you frown.


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