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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Um. Candy, I need some help, my husband says.

Hearing these words, I realized I would probably end up cooking parts of my Mother’s Day breakfast. To be fair, he made everything aside from the poached eggs. My husband had surprised me with smoked salmon and Canadian bacon eggs benedict (not on the same benedict, but two different benedicts)with hollandaise sauce on an English muffin, garnished with fresh dill from our garden, and home fried potatoes.

The Surprise

We are all eating breakfast when I notice that my older daughter’s face looked like she was storing 75 nuts in each cheek. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, they could’ve been 25 medium sized nuts, or 50 small nuts. Her mysterious allergy from the night before did not go away yet. Since she never had any swelling of the throat or anything extremely serious like symptoms of anaphylactic shock, we just monitor her whenever she gets these symptoms. But she seemed more swollen this time than in the past. Her face was also hot to the touch. And she looked like a chipmunk who was squinting her eyes.

So, like any concerned parent, we got onto the Google machine and researched for our own diagnosis, all of which points to ultimate demise. If you think about it, every diagnosis online can lead to death if you look hard enough. And, every piece of medical advice on the internet also says to call your doctor (seriously, why do we Google anything anyway?), and the doctor’s office isn’t open on Sundays, we had to make an appointment at urgent care.

Urgent Care (Or a New Play Area According to my 3 Year Old)

Our appointment was at 11:45, so we naturally had to wait for two hours until she was able to be seen (what’s the point of making an appointment?).

I chased my younger one around the medical center after numerous assurances such as I promise I won’t run away mommy, just let go of my hand€ as my husband sits in the waiting room with the chipmunk cheeked one. If you don’t have two young kids, let me explain that it’s pretty difficult to wait two hours with 2 kids in a place surrounded by people with various aliments. I don’t know how I fall for a 3 year old’s repeated promises of not running away, but I guess I was preoccupied. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Each time I finally catch her I pour a glob of hand sanitizer on her hands, hoping she doesn’t catch anything too. She slips out of my slimy sanitized grip and runs off again.

Low Blood Sugar Candy = Hangry Mom

This wasn’t really what I had envisioned as my Mother’s Day, but then again, I didn’t really envision anything. It felt like any other day, and I realize that moms don’t really get a break from being a mom. Then I feel guilty feeling so selfish since this day is like any other day. Then I feel guilty for having time to feel guilty about wanting a carefree day. Really, I’m at urgent care thinking about myself, I am such a shitty mom.

I had this post planned out for all the delicious food I was going to write about, with a somewhat sentimental story about how great it is to be a mom, and how grateful I am, and hide all the shit we deal with behind the scenes. But who wants to read that, right? Blogging is a big community of sharing, and I’d like to share our misery.

The Diagnosis

After 2 hours, an empty bottle of hand sanitizer, a van emptied of all snacks, mints, and juice boxes, and spending $75 for urgent care, the doctor tells us to give her Benadryl. Which was what we were planning to do if we didn’t go to urgent care.

It isn’t always great to be a mom. I spent the day watching my kid for signs of her throat swelling up, wondering why I can’t figure out what she’s allergic to, whether it’ll get more severe each attack, how long it will last this time (3 days and counting), if I’m giving them too much Benadryl per the doctor’s orders, wondering if the doctor is wrong in their diagnosis, wondering if I should find a different doctor, if it’s bacterial, in which case they should’ve given her antibiotics, if my daughter is really telling the truth when she says she feels fine, kicking myself by not getting rid of all plants in the yard and replacing it with soft non toxic materials.

But we should be grateful right? Things could be worse. Perspective.

The Food (Finally)

image2Here is some delicious food that we did get to enjoy at the end of the ordeal. Homemade pho with meatballs, steak, shrimp, squid, homegrown bean sprouts, mint, basil, lime, and homemade chili sauce. If I had more room in my stomach I would’ve eaten a second bowl, but I haven’t figured out how to stretch my stomach out to the size I want it to be without deteriorating my health.

image1For dessert we had purple sticky rice and taro, mixed with coconut milk, stuffed in bamboo shoots and cooked over fire. The rice was very sweet, but not in a sugary way. I heard these cost $10 a piece at a restaurant, and I got to take $30 worth of dessert home, muhahaha. It is a standard dessert in Laos, or so I hear. If you enjoy the coconut sticky rice with mango dessert at Thai restaurants, you will enjoy this.

image3   image1-2   image2-1

Some more pictures.

So that’s it for my Mother’s day recap. Hopefully everyone else had a more enjoyable, stress free day than we did.

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