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Bulgogi Nachos with Gochujang Cheese Sauce

Bulgogi Nachos with Gochujang Cheese Sauce


During the past few days I’ve been slowly paving the way towards bulgogi nachos with gochujang nacho cheese sauce. Why else would I give you a recipe for bulgogi one day, and nacho cheese the next?

This recipe is my take on a Korean version of nachos; instead of ground beef, I use bulgogi beef, and instead of regular nacho cheese I use gochujang nacho cheese.

I may make quesadillas today or tacos. muhahahaha.

This recipe would obviously work well with leftover bulgogi from a restaurant too. But who ever has leftover bulgogi lying around?

If you feel guilty eating cheesy, meaty nachos you can always sprinkle some cilantro and green onions on top and call it a salad. I mean, it’s basically a health food at that point. And nutritionists always tell us to eat various colors of the rainbow on our plate, right?

Probably why the bakers and dessert bloggers are making so many unicorn or rainbow desserts too. We’ve all found our loophole.

I’m pretty lax on the quantity of ingredients in this post, because nachos are supposed to be a hot mess. Be creative and add however much of what you like and less of what you don’t. Go ahead and be unique.

Be a unicorn.

Bulgogi Nachos with Gochujang Cheese Sauce



  1. Sprinkle bulgogi all over tortilla chips. Add hot nacho cheese sauce. Garnish with cilantro and green onions and serve with lime wedges. Shovel into face repeatedly.

bulgogi nachos with gochujang cheese sauce 1


bulgogi nachos with gochujang cheese sauce 2


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