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Coconut Nutella Fudgsicles

Coconut Nutella Fudgsicles

These babies only require two ingredients; coconut milk and Nutella. They are way easier to make than the strawberry mango pops in my last post, and even THOSE were easy to make. The popsicles have the same consistency and texture as the actual fudgsicles at the store, but with a richer, creamier taste from the coconut milk. There is no added sugar because I used Nutella (which has enough sugar), so they don’t have that grittiness some homemade popsicles have.

My daughter helped me make these and suggested I put coconut flakes into some of the popsicles, which I did for half of them. If you enjoy the texture of biting into coconut flakes, go for it and sprinkle some in.

Coconut Nutella Fudgsicles

makes 6 popsicles



  1. Combine the two ingredients in a small pot and whisk on low heat until thoroughly combined. Pour into molds, place the tops on and freeze upright for 8+ hours. When ready to eat, defrost a bit under some warm running tap water until the pops loosen against the molds. Enjoy immediately.



I photographed these at 7am and was too blurry eyed to look for the Nutella jar and can of coconut milk to use as props, therefore used some decapitated flower heads I plucked off an old bouquet I had lying around.

Mother’s day was over weeks ago so I don’t feel guilty.


Luckily my kids got to eat popsicles a second morning in a row because after I photographed these I didn’t want them to melt and go to waste. They have a hard life, those two.

Don’t worry, I fed them a well balanced nutritious breakfast afterwards.

Don’t judge me.


But hey, you’re an adult (I’m assuming) so you can have popsicles at 7am in the morning if you wanted, so give these a try.


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