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I’ve been trying to write a post on picky eaters this morning, but I woke up with the same dread and horror I had the day after the Presidential election. And I can’t let it go. I don’t know how to articulate my thoughts because everything I want to say, I slap my forehead and wonder, this is something we already learned in elementary school, we know better. Everything I will say or want to say, we should already know. And it scares me that I even have to talk about this. Here it goes…

We learned the difference between right and wrong as soon as we were able to attend school. Most of us even before school started. We also learned that hate groups are bad. Neo-Nazis are bad. People who hate other people on account of their race, sexual orientation, sex, or religious beliefs – not acceptable. Is this something that needs to be said? Sadly the more I talk to other people, the more I read the news, the more I have to explain why it’s bad in general makes me lose hope in society. Did some people skip the first 10 years of school? Did they study the words but not incorporate them into their lives? Did they separate school and their own bigoted beliefs?

Are we all on the same page yet? No?

You have a president who says there are many sides. It seems to me you’re either on his side supporting neo-Nazis or you’re not. You can’t support a president who supports hate groups or else you support hate groups. I’m not necessarily saying you’re guilty by association, but I am. This is how hate groups grow, by looking the other way, by saying you support him in some ways but not others. Nobody cares what you think. White supremacists only care that their president just defended their choices and supports them. Therefore they will get bigger. You can’t say you voted for Trump because of the handful of things he promised to deliver to you and your own personal interests, and support the 938 horrible things he’s done in the past and present. Did that factor into your decision when you voted for him? It still baffles me people can look the other way after hearing his remarks on women throughout the decades, on grabbing women against their will, mocking Asians by imitating their accents, making flapping hand gestures while mocking a handicapped person, or not taking a stand against neo-Nazis and saying there’s many sides. There’s two sides: the wrong side or the right side. The wrong side wielded torches, wore KKK garb, used the Nazi salute, and chanted ‘blood and soil’. And one of them even deliberately drove their car into a group of counter protestors, murdering one. The other side was there in opposition of the white nationalists. There are not ‘many sides’. Only two.

But you may believe that you support his presidency and not his personal beliefs. Unfortunately when he irresponsibly tweets whatever thought pops into his mind, or when he loses his shit on national TV during a speech and flip flops by not denouncing, then denounces (as if he was forced to repeat words he did not agree with on a teleprompter), then takes it back and supports white supremacists, his beliefs are what’s running his presidency. You can’t separate the two when they are so intertwined.  So thank you, we are all at the whim of a madman.

Like the President and his presidency being intertwined, our beliefs and what we support and stand for is an example to our children. Parenting is intertwined with our morals. Good parenting is teaching morals. Are we still on the same page here? I feel like I live in a new world where I have to keep asking that. If we teach our kids to keep their hands to themselves, we shouldn’t vote for a President who can’t do it himself. If we teach our kids not to make fun of others based on their race or disabilities, we shouldn’t vote for a President who does, and so blatantly mocks it. On camera. If we teach our kids not to join the KKK, we shouldn’t have voted for a president who supports them. It is 2017 and I’m sad I had to waste my time typing this.

I don’t want my kids growing up in a world where all of this is normalized. We need to take a stand and say this is not ok. Everything that is going on is not fine. It is not ‘politics’. It is insanity. I’m sure some will argue that the Republicans who do disagree with Trump and denounce white nationalism are only doing it for political reasons, well, fine then. They are politicians. But at least they’re taking a stand publicly and denouncing evil. Whether it’s political or not, who cares? It’s about saying what’s right and wrong.

And I bet some of you are glad that Trump can speak his own mind and nobody’s controlling him, right? But…seriously…even when he’s nuts? Just because you’re getting some ‘honesty’ and a president not on puppet strings (as you’d like to believe), it doesn’t mean he’s one of you, unless you’re insane as well. You gotta admit he’s said some completely asinine things, or acted irresponsibly. A part of you knows that. I have to believe that.

How do you explain it all away in your head? I haven’t heard one person regret supporting Trump yet. Each time something happens I’m figuratively shaking my arms at them going, ‘See? Are you seeing what I’m seeing now?” And they don’t. They explain it away somehow. It’s the alt-left agenda. It’s fake news. It’s taken out of context.

Your kids will see this everywhere for the remainder of his (hopefully short but doubt it) presidency. It’s up to you how they get through it. They are growing up seeing it and hearing it. TV. Radio. Magazines. Newspapers. Adults in the room talking. Billboards and posters in public. And the occasional KKK flyer strewn about in the south here. Be a good example through words and action. You may think some of your kids are too young to comprehend anything going on, but they’re not.

Like I said before, they learned the difference between right and wrong a long time ago. Please use their lives, our lives, our world as an example of how to be good people.

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