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Basic Photoshop Tips for Food Photography


If you have Photoshop, and want a super quick tutorial on how to make a good image more fantastic, follow these steps.

I want to show this with more step-by-step photos, and less words.

I think we’re mostly visual learners. Well, at least I am.

Step 1:

Go to Image >>Adjustments>>Levels…


In the Levels window, re-position the black, midtone, and white sliders by pulling or pushing them towards the black areas of the histogram.

This will correct the balance of  brightness, contrast and tones overall in the image.

Be sure the ‘Preview’ option is checked, and click it on and off so you can see the before and after shots.

And then press OK.

Looks better already, doesn’t it?


Step 2:

Go to Image>>Adjustments>>Brightness/Contrast…


Adjust the Brightness/Contrast window to your preference. Move the sliders around until you feel the image is more balanced.

I didn’t want to lose a lot of pixels so I didn’t pump the contrast that much. I did want it considerably lighter, so I pumped the brightness up alot.

Make sure the Preview button is checked.

Press OK.

Looks done, right? They look like delicious, plump blueberries. But for me, they just aren’t blue enough…


Step 3:

Go to Image>>Adjustments>>Color Balance…


In the Color Balance window, adjust your colors accordingly. Play around with it until you think it looks good.

I wanted my blueberries to look more blue, so I moved the slider towards blue.

Make sure the Preview button is checked.

Press OK.



That was easy, wasn’t it? Of course, there will be a lot of people with their own opinions and tips on Photoshop, but they can talk about it on their own blogs. Believe me, I have a LOT of useless knowledge on enhancing photos ;)

This is for everyone who wants to revamp their food photos on their blogs. You might have many food images that this can work on.  Actually, this can work on any photos, not just food.

Please feel free to comment and let me know if this was helpful in any way, so I can plan on more posts on Photoshop techniques…

Glamour shots of items from the fridge + some reflections of the past.


Tomato #1 -Nikon D50 – exposure bias (-0.3 step) – F5.6 – 1/10 sec. – Focal length 55mm-

When I was little (like, a senior in college) I had hopes and aspirations of becoming some kind of artist. I wanted to become a photographer. And I had no clue how to get there. Am I a photographer now? Who determines when I am, or when I’m not? Who can judge whether I’m good or bad?

I had a professor tell me to waitress a few years until I ‘found myself’ and figured out exactly what I wanted to do in life. Wait a second, what? Waitressing?! Not that I had anything against food service. But I figured she’d give me a slightly bigger nudge in a different direction, say, towards the field I was studying in? I mean, I was one of her best students. I asked her about stock photography. I was good at composition, lighting, all that nonsense. She then proceeded to tell me and the rest of her students that selling stock photography was selling your soul; it wasn’t anything you’d pursue unless you were shamelessly buddying up with Satan in Hell. IT WAS THAT BAD!


Tomato #2 -Nikon D50 – exposure bias (-0.3 step) – F5.6 – 1/15 sec. – Focal Length 35mm

So….I was stuck. My classmates and I were worried. What were we going to do? What are our parents going to think after we spent all this money on tuition? Were the past 4 years of F-stops and apertures just so we could be the sole members of our families who could shoot without cropping peoples’ heads off in a family photo? WHAT WAS THE POINT?!


Corn #1 -Nikon D50 – F5.3 – 1/500 sec. – Focal Length 42mm

After college I became a graphic artist. I shot a few weddings on the side too. No waitressing though. I stayed away from taking photography too seriously, but I did enjoy taking photographs on vacations. Then I started taking photography of food on vacations. Then I started taking photos of my own food. And I enjoyed taking photos of food.


Corn #2 -Nikon D50 – exposure bias (-0.3 step) – F3.5 – 1/320 sec. – Focal Length 18mm

Food didn’t talk back. Food didn’t fake smile. Food didn’t give you any attitude. Food didn’t pose with an armshelf, flap around with jazz hands, or look bad without makeup. Even with all of food’s flaws, it still looked natural. Vibrant. Colorful. Even these old onions in the crisper drawer of the fridge looked beautiful. Sure, they aren’t fresh, and are peeling in all the wrong places, but maybe I like them that way.


Onions -Nikon D50 – exposure bias (-0.3 step) – F8 – 1/25 sec. – Focal Length 40mm

Can I make a living off of this somehow? I don’t know. I’m trying though. It is a tough business to break into.


Salt and Pepper Shakers -Nikon D50 – F5.3 – 1/250 sec. – Focal Length 42mm

These didn’t come from the fridge. But they were cute. And I wanted to show everyone that they exist.

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