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How the hell did we end up in Georgia?

I guess I never explained how or why we got here. Here’s the story illustrated with photographs:

It all started in the end of 2009. After taking a few trips to Cali and seeing this,


we decided to drive cross country and start a new life there.


One reason we wanted to move away was because of this:


And that picture was taken in June (kidding!). It was April.

Taking photos for the food blog was especially difficult in Cali. Our one bedroom apartment was 600 sq. ft. and provided the worst possible kitchen in the world:


No windows. The cabinets had a musty, mildewy odor. I got electrocuted in the bathroom once. We were living on one income, and I was looking for a job for the first two months until my husband forced me to take this test because he knew something was ‘off’:


Which meant, no more of this:


9 months later (or 8, if you’re counting from the test on), we had this:


and had to move to a 2 bedroom apartment in Escondido, CA.


The kitchen slightly improved:


But my lack of sleep hadn’t. 2-4 hours of sleep for months and months. We lived here for 5 months until moving across the country again to a great job opportunity in Atlanta, Georgia.


It was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to pass up. Cali’s expensive. Too expensive. We packed up and for a month we were homeless, so we decided to visit family and friends in NY state. Then we lived in a hotel for a couple weeks to look for our new home. We rented a house in Georgia with this kitchen:


Other than the dreadful wallpaper, things were getting better. More for your money and all that. We didn’t know how to picture Georgia before we moved there. This is what it looks like:


No nearby oceans, but plenty of scenery and opportunity to get fat on rich southern food. I felt like we ate fried chicken for a year straight. After deciding to settle down here, we started looking for a house and found one. So we packed our boxes (hopefully the last time for awhile):


And this is what my kitchen looks like:


It has an island.


The stove has 5 burners. Not 4, but 5. I haven’t had the chance to use all 5 at the same time yet.


Our fridge isn’t white nor does it have a layer of ice you have to chip off the inside of the freezer. Instead, it has water that comes out of the door into your cup. And it’s shiny. You would think I would be food blogging like crazy now that I have the space, lighting and fancy appliances. Sometimes I still snap a quick pick or two of what I’m cooking:


but I’m always picking up things like this all over the floor so I don’t break my neck,


and then I get so stressed out at the end of the day,


that I can’t muster up the motivation to blog. Which is ironic, because life has finally started settling down for us and this should be the optimal time to get Soupbelly going at full force. In the past 3 years, we’ve moved 4 times, back and forth across the country. My 1.5 year old baby has had 4 homes and lived in 2 states. She’s flown 8+ times (I’ve lost count), more than most adults in their lifetime. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Sometimes I wake up and forget where I am. Or I’ll drive to the supermarket trying to look for Ralph’s when I really need to find a Kroger. I’ll think Target is across the street when it’s really 3 miles away. I walk around our new house and think the closet door leads to the basement, because that’s how our old house was laid out in Rochester. I guess my mind needs a longer time to settle in.

So, that was our crazy adventure that landed us in Georgia.

Another satisfied customer.

This wonderful message was my last comment I had the pleasure of reading this morning, on my spring rolls recipe:

From: (jock)

when do we put the mushrooms? your idiotic page doesnt’t give a damn clue! fry cabbage and carrots, add pork! set to cool! where are the freaking shiitaki?! idiotic recipe-writer! your true mission is to be writing on the public bathroom walls, not recipes!

This was my response, because on some days, I don’t feel like ignoring nasty emails or comments:


Dear jock,

I deeply apologize for any pain or confusion I’ve caused you. I do recommend that you visit other websites for recipes, as mine sometimes have errors and you seem to have trouble dealing with things like that. This blog is a free service that I take my time to write and share recipes with other readers. I also recommend that you learn to control your anger, since you clearly didn’t expect me to answer your question from the extremely rude way you asked it. Because now, there’s only one place I can think of putting the shiitake mushrooms, and it’s not in the recipe.

Also, go F— yourself.

Thanks for visiting my website,


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