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This is why we’re fat.


This website is like walking through a food freak show.  Check it out.  I can’t seem to look away.  At first I thought it was sorta like a website contest of who can create the most disgusting looking meals and post pictures, but then I stumbled onto this hometown favorite from Rochester, NY.  This is called a garbage plate.  And it’s pretty sad when people hear of your town because of this monstrosity.  We’re famous for a plate of garbage.  I admit I have ordered these many late nights after drinking, as the grease seems to calm a stomach full of alcohol. I actually finished a whole plate once by myself, only to see it make a surprise encore appearance 30 minutes later as I puked it all up.  I guess too much grease is a bad thing.

Oh, in case you were interested to know what a garbage plate is constructed with, it’s two hamburger patties on top of a combo. of mac salad and home fries, covered with cheese, mustard horseradish sauce, and a spicy chili meat sauce.

Picky Eaters


I can’t stand hearing someone over 18 say they won’t eat anything green or orange.

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