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This is how we roll. Spring rolls, that is. (and baking and frying)


This is how we roll. Spring rolls, that is.  And bake them, and fry them.

For this recipe, be sure to get SPRING ROLL WRAPPERS. NOT EGG ROLL WRAPPERS. This is a spring roll recipe. You can find them at any asian market, or the ‘ethnic’ food section of your supermarket if possible. If all you can find are egg roll wrappers, they will still work, however, they will not look or taste the same. They will taste like fake chinese take-out food. 


A little biased, am I?  That’s because egg rolls are American. They are not authentic whatsoever, except in America. If you don’t know the difference, one way to tell is that spring rolls have a light, thin, smooth crispy texture that flakes when you bite into them. And egg rolls are thick, chewy, and have a bubbly surface from a wrapper that soaked up too much oil. They taste heavy.

Directions for rolling, frying and baking.

printable recipe

Serves 25.


  • Spring roll shells (25 per package)
  • Filling (see recipe)
  • 3 tbsp. flour + 3 tbsp water, paste consistency
  • Brush
  • sheet pan or large plate to set spring rolls on


1) Cut sheet package open, and use the empty sided surface to assemble the rolls.


2) Place a large scoopful of filling on the bottom corner of the sheet, as seen below.


3) Roll the corner over the filling, like so.


4) Continue rolling until you hit the next two corners.


5) Fold the 2 corners in, forming an envelope shape. Brush paste all along the sides and top corner.


6) Continue rolling towards the top corner. Roll tightly so there are no exposed ends.


Voila! That was easy, wasn’t it? Set aside on a sheet pan/plate, and repeat the process 24 more times.

Directions for deep frying:

Heat corn oil on medium high in a pot. Size of pot is determined by how many you will be frying. Pour enough oil so the spring rolls are able to float without touching the bottom of the pot. When oil is heated and ready, drop a few in at a time (4-6).  Spring rolls will only splatter if there are gaps or holes in it, so fry with caution.  Fry until golden, turning if necessary. Place on paper towels to soak up excess grease, cooling for at least 5 minutes. Serve.

Directions for baking:

Preheat oven at 425 degrees. Brush oil on both sides of rolls, place on baking pan. Bake for approximately 16 minutes, flipping halfway through. Serve.


Look how pretty and golden they are. I ate 7 of them in one sitting. 7 salads with a crispy outer shell.  I will keep telling myself that.

Lastly, click here to see freezing and storage directions.

Spring rolls – freezing and storage.

Freezing and storage:

Place spring rolls in a single layer on a sheet pan. Make room in the freezer to place the sheet pan inside, for 30+ minutes. This prevents them from freezing together in clumps.


Take out of freezer, and place in zip lock freezer bags, in a single layer.


  • If frying, do not let them thaw out beforehand. Just drop them into the hot oil as they are frozen. Thawing them will cause more splattering.
  • If baking, brush frozen spring rolls with oil, bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes, flipping them over half way through the baking time.
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