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Soupbelly National Tour.


*Click on the map to see an enlarged version.

Conversations taken out of context from various conversations concerning this map.

Chris: You know, you’re gonna lose a lot of readers for being so…..weird.

Chris: Why are we driving a blue car on the map? We don’t have a blue car.

Chris: Are we eating burgers at every stop?

Chris: I don’t wanna see Wayne Newton in Vegas, I wanna eat king crab legs!

Chris: You know they cut the crab legs perfectly in half so you can get the meat out easily?

Chris: Did you know they cut the crab legs perfectly in half using a saw?

Chris: I’m looking for a buffet that serves clarified butter with crab legs.

Chris: Nebraska has corn?! I thought they had wheat!

I could go on and on and on quoting my husband. These conversations kill me. When he’s not trying to be funny, he’s hilarious. As long as he gets his crab legs and I get my clarified butter, nothing else matters on this road trip. Well, getting to our destination, but other than that….crab legs.

I spent a good hour on this map when I should’ve been packing this morning. Procrastination! We have one more week in Rochester then we hit the road. So much to do…so little time. Our lives have been so hectic lately we fall asleep before the lights are even off then get up tired and achy. We rush around like chickens with their heads cut off, half the time forgetting what we’re supposed to do, wondering whether we’ve already done something or not, how many more boxes we need to buy, how much bubble wrap we have left, and the list goes on.

It feels like we’re planning our wedding all over again. At least I didn’t cry this time. Not that he did.

We modified our locations as follows:

  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Davenport, Iowa
  • North Platte, Nebraska
  • Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • San Diego, California

This was the only way we could’ve done it that saved the most time. It looks like we’re curving up then back down, but there’s no straight route from Rochester to San Diego. We could’ve curved down through Texas I think, but we might do that some other time. It might’ve taken longer, and with our little kitties, we don’t want to be in the car with them as much as they don’t want to be in the car with us. We are still passing through Chicago (I think) and Denver (maybe) but this route has been modified so many times, if I didn’t write the new list down, I’d have no clue where we were going.

With this new route, we might be able to drive to each stop and check into a hotel before the sun sets (crossing fingers) and find a nice place to eat for dinner. As for lunches, they will probably have to be eaten on the road, since I feel so uncomfortable with our poor cats in the backseat.

I’m also packing our swimsuits for this trip. Hopefully each hotel has a pool that we could swim in each night to loosen up our achy muscles from sitting in a car all day. It sounds weird to plan on swimming each day on our trip, but I think it’ll help refresh us.

And no matter what, Chris is ADAMANT on hitting up Vegas. It’s like the whole point of driving cross country, for him, is to eat crab legs. It reminds me of Woody Harrelson’s plight to find a twinkie in Zombieland.

Ok, I should get going right now. My computer is probably going to get packed up pretty soon. I’ll have my laptop from now on so we can update you on our adventures.

What? The banquets didn’t fill us up?!


Chicken Bo-Bo appetizer

In between the gluttonous food bingeing at banquets, we managed to stuff ourselves with other foods. I’m sad to say that my pants are really tight now, in fact, I really wish I was wearing sweat pants instead of jeans.  Sweat pants without the elastic bands. Actually, I wish I were just wearing a giant moo-moo.

This is Spicy & Tasty, located on Prince St. in downtown Flushing, Queens.

You can check out the menu here.

Spicy & Tasty is a Sichuan restaurant. Everything is spicy. If you like spicy food, try Sichuan sometime. I’m surprised I could actually handle the spice. There’s certain spices that hit your stomach hard, or just hit your tongue and not your stomach, or just burn your lips. This can hit your stomach hard. I mean, it’s lots and lots of peppers. You might consider taking some pepcid or tums before eating this many peppers.

Anyway, the Chicken Bo-Bo was delicious. It is a cold, spicy chicken appetizer. I wish I had more expertise in all this food so I could talk more about it, but I’m an amateur. All I can say is, it was all delicious.


Fish Fillet in Fresh Hot Pepper

This was my favorite dish. I felt like the fish fillet absorbed the most flavor out of all the dishes, and I liked putting the spicy sauce onto my bowl of rice.


Potato with Green Peppers

This was surprisingly really good. It is julienned potato slices cooked in vinegar, with green peppers. It’s crunchy and slightly sour. I can’t wait to try this recipe soon at home, since it seems easy enough to make. It makes a great side dish.


Frog in fresh hot pepper

This was Chris’s favorite dish I believe. The frog was cooked with tons of garlic cloves, scallions, ginger and peppers, and served bubbling hot. The texture of the frog, to me, resembles a cross between extremely tender chicken and fish. It absorbed the spicy sauce well. I ate a garlic clove thinking it was frog. But the garlic cloves are pretty good too.


In the front of the restaurant, there were trays of food and I have no idea if they were already prepared, or just ingredients that go into dishes you can choose.

This was a good first experience in Sichuan food. I would definitely recommend this place and all the dishes we chose.

Spicy & Tasty

39-07 Prince Street

Flushing, NY 11354



Street food!

These were lamb kabobs down the street in Flushing where we just ate that huge Sichuan meal.

The Sichuan spiciness didn’t hit me as hard as these skewers of meat. I think she sprinkled a little too much spice on these. My eyes were watering like crazy and my lips swelled up for awhile.



Beef King is located on Bayard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Chris and I usually buy a pound of jerky here before heading back to Rochester. It is $20 a pound, and we usually get a quarter pound of each variety (spicy, fruity, oyster flavor, and pork). They serve jerky strips or chunks, and now it seems they’ve included ‘wet’ spicy jerky strips as opposed to the dry jerky strips.


See my dad pointing his finger at the Curry-Flavored Beef Chunks.

This was also Halloween night when we were purchasing the jerky. It was amusing that so many kids were out all day in costumes, going trick-or-treating in stores rather than houses. When a little girl came into the beef jerky store, the owner asked if she wanted jerky or candy.

Candy, of course.

New Beef King

89 Bayard Street

New York, New York 10013




Backtracking a bit now. We had dessert at a place called Cafe Lalo, located on 83rd between Amsterdam and Broadway.

My cousin told me this place was where they filmed a scene for You’ve Got Mail. You know, the part where Meg Ryan was waiting for Tom Hanks with a rose on the table, and he ditched her?


Chris ordered the Pumpkin Cheesecake. I think it was the best.

Why does it always seem that he orders the dessert that I want? Maybe it’s because I always want what I can’t have.

It can’t be because he has better taste than me. It just can’t.


I had the Hazelnut Mousse with Frangelico. Don’t get me wrong, mine was pretty good too. But I wanted to eat his cheesecake. Like, 12 slices.

Cafe Lalo

281 West 83rd Street

New York, New York 10024



Back in Chinatown again. Just wanted to show you a couple of pictures of a bakery my dad got some cookies and pastries in. There are so many Chinese bakeries to walk into. If you ever feel intimidated and don’t know what to buy, just try anything. Almond cookies are always pretty popular and a safe bet.


When you order, just point and tell them the number you want. That’s what I do.

My Cantonese is shameful.

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